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Down with the sickness…literally

Coughing, wheezing, fever, sneezing. Oh, the joys of being sick. Congestion, aching, itching, irritating. Symptoms coming on quick. Throbbing, burning, stomach churning. Every sound beating on my head. Dizzy, sleepy, painful, weepy. I’m going back to bed. Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been laid up…

Standing on the edge

Every time I think I’ve won, Thinking this task is finally done, something happens to ruin my fun, and I realize I’m on step one. Every time I think it’s complete, Thinking I can finally get a treat, I seem to lose my seat,…

Quote 12.10.2018

Times are changing, mixed feeling aside.  Either step forward, or dreams have died. Decide your own fate, or others will do it for you.  Either take control, or there’s nothing you’ll ever do. Stress isn’t the enemy, rather pointless to feel.  Why let everything…

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