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Push, Pull, Give and get – Life is life

In life, each day is marked by pain. Agony falls on you like rain. You feel like you’ve nothing to gain. Than again, life is life. I know, gloomy and brief.  Between being sick still, and finances being finances, it’s been a rough weekend. …

To our veterans

You gave us your life so we could thrive with ours. You gave us your tears so we have less to shed. You gave us your family so we could cherish ours. You faced our fears so we have less to dread. You gave…

My Christmas Wish to You this year!

Hey everyone,  Thank you for following my blog.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed my work and posts on here.  As many of you know, Christmas is very close.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I do hope you have a wonderful time in whatever your…

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