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…Now for the News 8/19/19

Today I read that 4 tons of Marijuana was found in containers of Jalapenos. First thing I said was, in my best Italian Voice, “That’s a spicy weed-a ball!” I also read that American Whiskeys have become collateral damage on Trumps Tariff wars against…

Virus Activated… The Fun of a PC with an infection

Did I hit enter, or manage to delete? Even turning it on is a remarkable feat. Why would such an easy task go in vain? A virus has busted my motherboard again. Was it an email or that open network I used? leaving my…

Drawing Closer….. Did you miss me?

As the 1st draws closer, I wonder what the future shall bring. On my end, comes an entirely different approach to the writing world. Great new stories, plus some rewrites that will turn tested material into epic tales for you to enjoy. I’ll be…

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