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Drawing Closer….. Did you miss me?

As the 1st draws closer, I wonder what the future shall bring. On my end, comes an entirely different approach to the writing world. Great new stories, plus some rewrites that will turn tested material into epic tales for you to enjoy. I’ll be…

The Long Absence…. Did you miss me?

Time is both graceful and chaotic, Testing mind, body and spirit. You either bask in the life you pick, or you eternally fear it. My chosen profession plays on both, Choices of life and work in divide. Although there has been plenty of growth,…

Sorry for the Absence

I apologize for my silence as of late.  I’m putting together loads of new things, including having this blog set up as my main website.  It’s been a process, and focus needed to be on this beginning.    Look for everything to be officially…

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