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Do you like FREE?

Hey everyone, Have you ever heard of Smashwords?  It’s a publishing platform that helps independent authors distribute their digital works.  As part of my expansion of my works, three of my available projects are released through them, making them open to purchase at Barnes…

One more week of FREE, read on!

One more week to read my book on Autism absolutely free. Click on the tab below that says “The Realities of Autism” and read the PDF. You can also buy the paperback on Amazon for $9.99. The Realities of Autism Buy on Amazon

You’re Free… 4/6/2018

You’re free to speak your mind, You’re free to not agree, You’re free to be mean or kind, and you’re free to choose what to be. You’re free to not like guns, You’re free to love or hate, You’re free to live like nuns,…

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