Tag: Failure

Social Media is a social failure

So many friends, yet I haven’t met one. Multiplayer is the only way to have fun. Social life exclusively online, brainpower on the decline. Such a thing as real life is all but done. All I see when I go on social media is…

Bones ache and bones break

Bones ache and bones break, Bones need to heal, for Heaven’s sake. Time hasn’t been kind, and I’m really in a bind. How much more can these poor bones take? These bones aren’t what they once were, and I find everything hurts just a…

Standing on the edge

Every time I think I’ve won, Thinking this task is finally done, something happens to ruin my fun, and I realize I’m on step one. Every time I think it’s complete, Thinking I can finally get a treat, I seem to lose my seat,…

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