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Social Media is a social failure

So many friends, yet I haven’t met one. Multiplayer is the only way to have fun. Social life exclusively online, brainpower on the decline. Such a thing as real life is all but done. All I see when I go on social media is…

Why we need Rain Forests…Rant

Okay people, I have a problem.  In fact, we all do.  Ever wonder what it’s like to breathe with only one lung?  If things keep going the way they are, you’ll find out within twenty years.  The rain forest, in South America and all…


Things are changing, they always do, Something’s happening, this much is true. The weather is different, something’s wrong, It’s changing too fast, yet it’s taking too long. we used to have an idea, or at least a guess, How the weather might be, but…

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