Tag: Choices

Standing on the edge

Every time I think I’ve won, Thinking this task is finally done, something happens to ruin my fun, and I realize I’m on step one. Every time I think it’s complete, Thinking I can finally get a treat, I seem to lose my seat,…

The little choices

Today or tomorrow, In joy or in sorrow, To take or to borrow, chaos or ducks in a row. To drink or go thirsty, To ignore or to see, To be or not to be, To capture or set free. Feel joy or in…

You’re Free… 4/6/2018

You’re free to speak your mind, You’re free to not agree, You’re free to be mean or kind, and you’re free to choose what to be. You’re free to not like guns, You’re free to love or hate, You’re free to live like nuns,…

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