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One day

One day, I will be free, hope becomes reality.   One day, this prison will fall, and I can reclaim it all.  That day isn’t today, for these chains won’t break, and the nightmare is more than I can take.  That day isn’t today, for…

Two Months – Poem

Brought to the brink, afraid I might sink, but I stayed on my feet, and never accepted defeat. Devastated by luck, lacking a single buck, yet I rise from each fall, and I rise above it all. Absent for too long, fighting for where…

Changing of the year – Poem

A year of passion, A year of pain, A year of loss, A year of gain. It hasn’t been the best, nor has it suffered as the worst, It seemed like an ever-filling cup, yet it never quenched our thirst. We nearly froze from…

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