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Two Months – Poem

Brought to the brink, afraid I might sink, but I stayed on my feet, and never accepted defeat. Devastated by luck, lacking a single buck, yet I rise from each fall, and I rise above it all. Absent for too long, fighting for where…

Just one more – Poem

One more moment until I succeed, One more minute is everything I need, One more dollar will pay my way, One more tomorrow to make my today. One more mile along this path, One more breath to calm my wrath, One more prayer to…

Autism eBook now available!

“The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions” is now available on Amazon as an eBook.  Price is $2.99 and includes 6 misconceptions, games and tips, as well as answered questions and more.  This book is two years of commitment , loads of sacrifice, and an incredible…

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