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To our veterans

You gave us your life so we could thrive with ours. You gave us your tears so we have less to shed. You gave us your family so we could cherish ours. You faced our fears so we have less to dread. You gave…

You’re safe now my dear child

Dry your tears little one, for it’s a brand new day. You may have never before had fun, We will teach you how to play. rest your heart little soul, we will protect you starting today. Life before has taken a terrible tole, but…

Happy Easter 2018

Blessings be to all, on this Easter day, Blessings for the sacrifice, and those that pray, Blessings for forgiveness, and have a helping hand, Blessings to the honorable, for justice that you stand. Blessings for our sins, which we ask for reprieve, Blessings for…

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