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Who am I, if not an Author

I identify as me, I set myself to be, My mind is free, Creativeness to see. This is what I do, The door I go through, The inspiration rings true, Here to reach you. Odds I will defy, Limits beyond the sky, Better keep…

One more week of FREE, read on!

One more week to read my book on Autism absolutely free. Click on the tab below that says “The Realities of Autism” and read the PDF. You can also buy the paperback on Amazon for $9.99. The Realities of Autism Buy on Amazon

“Morning Warning” is gaining strength!

I don’t know if it’s fate, or just lucky, but out of nowhere, people have been getting copies of my Short Story “Morning Warning” lately, and loving it. Published in July of 2013, I really hadn’t had much come from the story in sales…

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