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In this section, you’ll be able to view all the titles that are presently on the market.  As an author with no specific genre focus, you’ll find a wide variety of options for you to read.  On top of that, there are several titles that are available as audio books.  Scroll down and enjoy everything A.M.Sawyer has to offer:


What is Autism? There are the socially accepted answers, and there’s reality. If you’re a parent or relative of an Autistic person, you’ve probably noticed that reality doesn’t seem to match what they tell you. This book takes research from various Autism programs and studies, and factors in real life. Each section outlines and researches a different misconception faced with Autism, including environmental factors, possible reasons for Autism, and the truth about intelligence concerning Autism. There’s also learning games and information that focus on the individual, not what they consider as an illness. We’ve been in the dark ages for far too long about Autism, and now it’s time to shine in the light of hope. What is Autism? Let’s begin the journey for truth together.

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It’s never too early to be on alert, especially when the weather is concerned, and for Anthony and his family, one morning could mean the difference between life and death.
Friday has always had special meaning during the spring for this 11 year old boy, his 14 year old sister Rachel, and their 17 year old brother Alex. It wasn’t just the last day of school for the week, but also counted as one week closer to summer vacation. However, after a night of heavy thunderstorms and several tornado warnings, this particular Friday has started off with droopy eyes and jingled nerves. With no watches or warnings, and little more than a drizzle outside, it seemed like a smooth day ahead. Fate, it seems, may just have other plans. As they say, it isn’t the weather you get warnings about that should worry you, but rather the weather that catches you by surprise. Will they survive the morning? Read on and find out in “Morning Warning”.

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Three impossible questions, two incredible creatures, one epic battle, and at the center, a young woman by the name of Heather struggles with the very meaning of faith. Will the nasty little Leprechaun use his three questions to discredit her beliefs, or will the lovely Fairy with a heart of gold be able to share her unshakable faith? Join the struggle, choose your side, and find the answers.

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Our hearts and souls hold flames of both chaos and temperance. Poetry has a way of fanning those flames on either side, providing an avenue of release we may never have known. Over 100 poems and poetic stories fill this second installment in the Shattered Reflections Series. In this edition, poems are more focused on the fires within us all. There are reflections of love, and our struggles through each day. There are also the darkest of reflections in which we face. As a bonus, there are several that mark holiday traditions and celebrations throughout the year. Collectively, they display the beauty of chaos, as well as the harmony of control. Poetry ignites reflections of the fire inside mind, body, and soul. Find a warm blanket and candlelight for atmosphere, as it’s time to unleash the pages of Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos.

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Shattered Reflections cover

Reflections are the window to the soul, and poetry is the expression. Place them together, and you hold expressions so shattered and yet, so beautiful, you cannot help being overwhelmed by empathy. One poem to this person may be nothing more than words on the page, and yet, to another that same poem changes their entire world of perspective. Over 100 poems and poetic stories mark this first installment of the Shattered Reflections Series. There are poems of light and great beauty, and poems of the darkness and terrible sadness. The shimmering reflections which fall in between also play their parts. Find yourself a nice drink and a comfortable spot, as it’s time to get lost within the pages of Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection.

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History of Publications

Here you can look back at everything A.M.Sawyer has published since beginning his artistic journey back in 2005.

Twilight Musing – Poem Published as part of Multi-Author Collection.

The Disaster that is Emotion – Full publication of Poetry book.

Newspaper – Poem published as part of Author Celebration Section
Newspaper – Author Bio as part of local event.

Newspaper – Drawing published as part of larger article about major event.

Lord of the Mullets – Test publication of first full length novel.
Worse (Short Story) – Test publication of short story.
Fairy vs Leprechaun (Short Story) – Test Publication of short story.
Sword of Time – Test publication of full length novel.
Shattered Reflections : A Poetic Collection – Full Publication of Poetry Book (Still Active)

Morning Warning (Short Story) – Full publication of short story.  (Still Active)
Fairy vs Leprechaun (Audio Book) – Full publication of Audio Book only (Still Active)

Newspaper – Worked on Multiple articles throughout the year.

Morning Warning (Audio Book) – Full publication of Audio Book (Still Active)

Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos – Full Publication of Poetry Book (Still Active)

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