The Dark of my Mind

A piece of my soul,
a hollowed out hole,
a terrible tole,
trapped in the dark.
An endless nightmare,
nobody seems to care,
thick is the air,
Trapped in the dark.
Body screams in pain,
Nothing there to gain,
Hope dies in vain,
Trapped in the dark.
Mind full of lies,
Black as the skies,
open up my eyes,
Never in the dark.

Forgive Me ( A plea into the mirror)

My days haven’t been spent in the best of manner,
and I’ve mastered the art of a procrastinating planner.
Troubled and in doubt, I hesitate to go forth,
it’s like having a compass that never points north.
I’ve waited so long, my paths are overrun,
people aren’t even aware of the things I’ve done.
I’ve reached a point of comfort for when I fall,
and never has my hope felt so incredibly small.
This isn’t the end for me by any means,
my movie has barely begun its best scenes.
For me to move forward and get beyond myself,
I need to take this darkness off the shelf.
I will no longer keep fear, doubt, and dismay,
It’s out of mind, and it’s been thrown away.
I’m rising through this storm of sadness and tear,
I know that somehow I will find the clear.
My journey cannot continue without a heartfelt plea,
To move on, I first must ask you to forgive me.

Quote 6.7.2018

Have faith, whether it be a higher power or another person, for it brings a foundation of confidence you can share with the world.

Now with a new cover!

Morning Warning has been a great short story, complete with strong characters, smooth storytelling, and a twist you won’t see coming.  The one thing that has hurt it was the cover art, from a marketing stand point.  I wanted it to reflect the main character, which is an 11 year old boy, but it just didn’t sell it.  Now, that’s about to change.  Here it is, the new cover for Morning Warning!

You’re safe now my dear child

Dry your tears little one,
for it’s a brand new day.
You may have never before had fun,
We will teach you how to play.
rest your heart little soul,
we will protect you starting today.
Life before has taken a terrible tole,
but never again will we let it stray.
Calm your fears my dear child,
for there is no reason to dismay.
Taken from the darkness and defiled,
taken from those of abusive display.
Feel the love in your brave little heart,
hear these words I have to say.
Never again will the darkness start,
You’re with us now for each and every day.

God bless all those dear children stuck in horrible situations. May your Angels find you in the darkness and lead you to the light.

The little choices

Today or tomorrow,
In joy or in sorrow,
To take or to borrow,
chaos or ducks in a row.
To drink or go thirsty,
To ignore or to see,
To be or not to be,
To capture or set free.
Feel joy or in pain,
To lose or to gain,
To be shy or vain,
Be dry or play in the rain.
These mean nothing to you,
Deciding what to do,
Yet they all hold a clue,
On how to make it through.
The choices you make,
Will give or will take,
fate is at stake,
So don’t make a mistake.
Be wise and take a beat,
Think about what’s at your feet,
Repel or to openly greet,
choices are a remarkable feat.

Quote 5/11/2018

The squeaky wheel may get the grease, but too much noise and they replace it. Choose your battles wisely.

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