Haiku – Christmas

Tis the seasonal,

Stores replace joy with presents,

We forgot the point.


I’ve written many haiku over the years, both holiday and traditional.  You can find many within the pages of my two volumes of Shattered Reflections.  Both are available now in paperback and ebook.  Click the links in the books section to go to Amazon.

Break it now

This is Christmas, it’s almost here.

Season full of laughter and cheer.

While this may be all well and good.

One thing needs to be understood.

If I hear one more loud obnoxious toy.

I’ll clearly be set off to search and destroy.

So the next time you think it’s a great gift.

A toy so loud and obnoxious, or even hard to lift.

Think about if it was for you that others would give.

Break it now, if you want to live.

Merry Christmas.


Is it time yet?

The clock strikes another minute.

Time passes at an agonizing pace.

Thinking of work and when to begin it.

It’s like preparing for an endless race.

Another moment of my asking why.

Still so many seconds still to go.

Is it time yet for this day to fly by?

Or will it continue on unbearably slow?

The answer is something we already know.

O’Lord, come to me

O’Lord, Come to me,
Lead me on thy path,
Help define what I should be,
and save me from thy wrath.
Guide me on thy road,
lend me a helping hand,
give me strength to bear the load,
and carry the burden of life’s demand.
With thou by my side,
Love will guide my way,
On my knees nothing I hide,
O’Lord, to you a Pray.



You can find this, and many other great poems within the pages of Shattered Reflections.  2 volumes on sale now in paperback and ebook.  Check the books section for a quick link.

Quote 12.10.2018

Times are changing, mixed feeling aside.  Either step forward, or dreams have died.
Decide your own fate, or others will do it for you.  Either take control, or there’s nothing you’ll ever do.
Stress isn’t the enemy, rather pointless to feel.  Why let everything get to you, never learning how to deal.
Take a breath and relax, for there is always a way.  When the now gets you down, tomorrows another day.


Why am I doing this?
Why must I suffer?
Why can’t I find bliss?
Why must change always buffer?
Why must the pain increase?
Why must I cry?
Why can’t the misery cease?
Why do I feel like I’ll die?
Why am I failing?
Why must I fight alone?
Why are all my friends bailing?
Why do my dreams go unknown?
Why must I fight through this shit?
Why do I even try?
Is there a purpose for any of it?
or will I forever be stuck asking why?

Thank you Stan Lee

Remember, remember, the 12th of November, the day Stan Lee would die. So say excelcior, and never forget, the day our imaginations would cry.

Thank you and rest in power #ThankyouStan #Excelcior

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