Happy New Year

God bless every soul that reaches out for tomorrow. Surviving all the joy and sorrow. God bless every heart that aches from the past. Believing in dreams for a future that shall forever last. God bless every eye that has ever shed a tear. Wishing and praying for a brighter new year. Finally, God bless this incredible night. Where we can erase the pain and set things right. Happy New Year.

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My plea as they sleep

In this silence that is sleep, I try desperately not to wheep. Their lives are depending on me, yet I feel failure is what must be. Family is like a Grace upon my soul, but the burden has taken a toll. Trapt in decisions I don’t even make, with a weight my shoulders can no longer take. The agony I must endure each time I say no, even though a yes should be decidedly so. So in this silence that is sleep, as my very soul continues to wheep. I pray for the change to end all this madness, of the pain, stress, and endless sadness.

What Christmas really means.

Never forget what Christmas really means, for money has no part to play. Never forget that it’s in what we do, and never in what we say. Never forget the most important present, which is hope for each and every day. Never forget the power of love, for it can rescue those from the worst dismay. Never forget that it’s not about yourself, for this world needs you in every way. Never forget that it’s not about a holiday, for we should treat each tomorrow as we treat this Christmas Day. Blessings and Joy.

Oh Christmas day

Oh Christmas Day, you are but once a year, A celebration of joy, A celebration of Cheer. Why is it only once, that we can see this clear? Why do we ignore, 364 days of sadness and fear? It’s great that we give, and honor what we hold dear. What about those that have nothing? loneliness shown with every tear. We should all make a pledge, and hold ourselves sincere, lets celebrate each and every day, as if Christmas were here.

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That Christmas Dinner

It’s that time to cut the cake,

It’s that time to prep and bake,

Christmas has the best kind of food,

Smells that entice that holiday mood.

So get a bigger belt for heaven’s sake.


Merry Christmas Dinner…

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