A Fresh Start – From a hotel to a home

Homeless and afraid,
Yet there is no giving up,
Welcome a new place.

Welcome indeed.  Thanks for reading my little Haiku about the darkest of moments one can face, not having a place to live.  Your mind can run through terrible things when you don’t know where, or if, you’ll be sleeping at night.  There’s absolutely zero sense of safety or security, and your health is all but forfeit.  To summarize, you feel things are as close to ending, including your life, as you can get without it actually happening.

Personally, I have faced homelessness within my life, both as an individual, and as a responsible head of a family.  Neither are easy to recover from, but when you never give up, it becomes far from impossible to overcome.  Part of my life that has always helped me through turmoil, is my writing.  Whether it’s throwing together a random poem, or pushing out a full-length story, these moments are always my happiest.  I’ve realized that the worst moments in my life are the ones when I strayed away from writing.

It’s true that writing isn’t for everyone, but the principle of the life lesson stands true for us all.  There is something, maybe more than one, that will bring each one of us instant happiness when we do it.  It doesn’t matter how good we actually are at doing it.  It simply feels natural for us.  Life has a tendency to try and crush it away from us on a regular basis, but you should never let it go.  In fact, you were meant to do that one thing.  That one thing should never be something that hurts others, or yourself intentionally.  It’ll be something that defines who you are, and will help you change the world around you.  It is fate, and it is you.  Go do it.

That being said, I would like to invite you to purchase a couple books I have out on Paperback and as an eBook:

Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection

Reflections are the window to the soul, and poetry is the expression. Place them together, and you hold expressions so shattered and yet, so beautiful, you cannot help being overwhelmed by empathy. One poem to this person may be nothing more than words on the page, and yet, to another that same poem changes their entire world of perspective. Over 100 poems and poetic stories mark this first installment of the Shattered Reflections Series. There are poems of light and great beauty, and poems of the darkness and terrible sadness. The shimmering reflections which fall in between also play their parts. Find yourself a nice drink and a comfortable spot, as it’s time to get lost within the pages of Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection.

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Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos

Our hearts and souls hold flames of both chaos and temperance. Poetry has a way of fanning those flames on either side, providing an avenue of release we may never have known. Over 100 poems and poetic stories fill this second installment in the Shattered Reflections Series. In this edition, poems are more focused on the fires within us all. There are reflections of love, and our struggles through each day. There are also the darkest of reflections in which we face. As a bonus, there are several that mark holiday traditions and celebrations throughout the year. Collectively, they display the beauty of chaos, as well as the harmony of control. Poetry ignites reflections of the fire inside mind, body, and soul. Find a warm blanket and candlelight for atmosphere, as it’s time to unleash the pages of Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos.

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Thanks for Reading, and have a Blessed Day,


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Virus Activated… The Fun of a PC with an infection

Did I hit enter, or manage to delete?
Even turning it on is a remarkable feat.
Why would such an easy task go in vain?
A virus has busted my motherboard again.
Was it an email or that open network I used?
leaving my hard drive fragmented and abused.
Did I pick up a bug while watching porn?
My fan is wheeze like an obnoxious horn.
Great, now my information is on the loose,
As the malware tightens that digital noose.
Blue, black, and even some shades of green.
This is all that remains of my Hi-def screen.
As my technology has become a paperweight.
All I can do is reboot and wait…..
Now Loading…..


Hey folks,

Welcome, and thanks for coming by on day one of my new push into the writing world.  Although this post, fitting in with the theme of the poem (Yes, I had a nasty computer virus, but I’m better now.), is short, and lacking more details and links to stuff.  That will change as I get my computer back up to par, and delve into the written word.  Thanks for reading and hang around.  This is only the beginning.



Drawing Closer….. Did you miss me?

As the 1st draws closer, I wonder what the future shall bring. On my end, comes an entirely different approach to the writing world. Great new stories, plus some rewrites that will turn tested material into epic tales for you to enjoy. I’ll be fighting this war on two fronts, setting up and pushing material on my website, plus putting pen to paper on novels that I need to share with the world. This will be allot of work, and allot of fun.

One thing I would like to note, in an attempt to raise money for my work, in the coming months, there will be things available to purchase exclusively on my website. These things will include Short Stories, Art, and other possible items, including a full length novel. Who knows what will come up, but be sure that I’ll share it here. Thanks for reading.


The Long Absence…. Did you miss me?

Time is both graceful and chaotic,
Testing mind, body and spirit.
You either bask in the life you pick,
or you eternally fear it.
My chosen profession plays on both,
Choices of life and work in divide.
Although there has been plenty of growth,
There are times I wish I could hide.
Challenges plague me to the core.
Yet opportunity has been staring me in the face.
Will I have the strength to find the next door?
Or will I burn out from this overwhelming pace?
I have come so far, yet I have only begun the work.
The future I dream drawing ever closer to light.
My personal turmoil is no longer there to lurk.
Time, it’s my turn to finally win this fight.

I’m Back!!!
6-1-2019 it all begins again, and this time I will win.
New campaign, new goals, new projects, and a brand new spirit I will spread throughout the world.

I will never stop, I will never give in, I will not be caged, I will always win.

“When you never give up, failure becomes nothing more than a stepping stone to success.”

Did you go see Captain Marvel?

On Sunday, I had the unique chance of having time and money to go see a film in the theater. Even better, I was lucky enough that the timing came perfectly so the film of choice was Captain Marvel. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I love to read, and as such, I indulged in many reviews about the film to see what all the hype was about. Now, I’m not a critic, because I’d rather enjoy a film for what it gives me, as opposed to dissecting it and exploiting any flaws it may contain. I’m not a negative enough of a person to be able to do that on a regular basis.

I will say, as with many films of late, I flat out object to the negative reviews of the film. It was fun, witty, smooth paced, and wildly entertaining. Many critics call it generic, which couldn’t be more incorrect. Let’s face it, other than Loki, Thanos, and even Warmonger, Villains in the MCU have been a bit weak. Even these great characters (And the acting done to make them) have had some stumbling moments (Even if they were small enough not to ruin anything). Captain Marvel goes a completely different route with this approach. True, As it takes place before many previous movies in the MCU timeline, those who pay attention could guess where much of it was going. It didn’t matter however, as whether you figured the villain out or not, it was awesome.

The story line was almost seamless, and the acting easily rivaled Black Panther. In no way was this movie generic. Oh, and to those on both sides of the feminism debate of having a strong female lead, I have two things for you. First, who the heck cares if the lead of a film is a woman. Seriously, if the acting is there, the talent, and the script, the lead of a movie will be epic, regardless of what reproductive organs they possess. Brie Larson is a perfect example. There is not one doubt that she IS Captain Marvel. Anyone still trying to debate has either, never seen the movie, or just wants to pick fights to hide their own pathetic lives.

Secondly, we as a society really need to stop seeking negativity in the world and simply enjoy the epic simplicity of life. Go out, watch a movie. Instead of looking for plot holes and inconsistencies,simply sit back and enjoy. Stay home with a good book. Stop looking for typos, and immerse yourself in the story. Got a movie based on a book, watch and read. Compare the differences in each of the different versions with enjoyment, not disgust. Even go further and write something yourself. Enjoy life, and enjoy living.

What is an Autism Reset?

You know what…there’s a term in Autism that is known as a reset… Not like the popular definition, its more like a rebuilding of a mental barrier that protects individuals with Autism from literally losing their minds. A wall, so to speak, which acts in replacement for a part of the brain others take for granted. A filter, trained through patience and intelligence, to be able to handle the simplest of social interactions without falling inward mentally from overwhelming sensory stimulation. So, when someone with Autism says they need a reset, know it isn’t simply asking for a do over. Its a serious and time sensitive request with major consequences. Give them space, and isolation. Most importantly, give them time…

This war called life

Upon this struggle, this epic war. The tides have changed, prepare for more. Drastic loss, barely any gain. Forcing the hand, facing the pain. There is no choice, let us begin. Only one outcome, I will win.

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