Welcome to all those reading my post for the first time, and blessings to those who already follow along with my craziness.  Today marks the first step of a new era in writing for myself, and I’m grateful that you’ve decided to come along for the ride.  Let’s go over a few things to note, especially in changes.

First, the website itself has been through some design changes.  I wanted simple and elegant, and I think this pulls it off perfectly.  Feel free to add comments and suggestions, as anything and everything can help.  I merged my blog with my website, as two different sites was time consuming and a waste of energy.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I am at this time.

Second, my activity level has been random to say the least, with gaps in posts and weird grouping of ideas.  That’s about to change, as with my new focus, I’ll be going by a schedule and writing posts ahead of time.  Also, I plan on adding visuals to my posts for depth and beauty, because as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Finally, my writing has entirely new meaning to me, and I hope to share this new blessing with all of you.  Not only with new posts of poetry and such, but with incredible novels I’m pushing to publish.  Also, those who follow the site already may notice many of the previous posts have now been erased.  Fear not, they will be released, with added exclusive new content in a book over this summer.  As you’ve probably guessed, there’s allot going on within my head which will be translated on paper and page.

Thank you to each and every one of you reading this post.  Click the follow on the right side of the screen to stay updated, and feel free to scroll through stuff still posted online.  I leave you now with a Haiku.

Move past yesterday,
and tomorrow there is hope,
Blessings are today.

Quote 3/12/2018

Money is the absolute worst thing to ever inflict humanity, both for what it gives and what it denies us, for it has become the one undeniable god over our lives.

Just one more – Poem

One more moment until I succeed,
One more minute is everything I need,
One more dollar will pay my way,
One more tomorrow to make my today.
One more mile along this path,
One more breath to calm my wrath,
One more prayer to brace my soul,
One more ledge to climb out of this hole.
One more time to make things great,
One more issue for us to debate,
And if you think you know the score,
remember that you’ll always ask for just one more.

Sorry for the Absence

I apologize for my silence as of late.  I’m putting together loads of new things, including having this blog set up as my main website.  It’s been a process, and focus needed to be on this beginning.    Look for everything to be officially launched on March 19th.  (Although I will likely post new stuff before then, as I build the site up for the next step)  Writing has always been a 2nd tier reality but a 1st tier dream.  It’s time that changes.  Up until now, I’ve had the drive, but resources and time were never on my side.  Thankfully, that’s changing.  Thank you to everyone who reads and follows this blog.  Stick around, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Precious over Possession – Poem

The people in your life should never be compared to an item.
They should hold a value of so much more.
There shouldn’t even be a comparison of people,
against the things you can buy in a store.

A person or memory cannot be possessed like an everyday item,
for they’re far to precious to simply place a dollar amount.
They cannot be replaced if broken or lost,
unlike an item sitting on shelves with a seemingly endless count.

If you hold an item at a value greater than a simple dollar sign,
Those things you possess will gain possession over you.
Treasure your memories and those people held dear,
and realize its precious over possession in all you do.

Quote 01062018

To run away from a problem will not solve it.  Unless you face it now, it will just sit there, waiting for you to lower your guard, and then hit you twice as hard as the first time.

Quote 01022018

Your destiny will always be right in front of you, just one step away. It’s your choice which step comes next, so don’t get caught staring at your own feet.

Original post: January 2015

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