Quote 12.10.2018

Times are changing, mixed feeling aside.  Either step forward, or dreams have died.
Decide your own fate, or others will do it for you.  Either take control, or there’s nothing you’ll ever do.
Stress isn’t the enemy, rather pointless to feel.  Why let everything get to you, never learning how to deal.
Take a breath and relax, for there is always a way.  When the now gets you down, tomorrows another day.


Why am I doing this?
Why must I suffer?
Why can’t I find bliss?
Why must change always buffer?
Why must the pain increase?
Why must I cry?
Why can’t the misery cease?
Why do I feel like I’ll die?
Why am I failing?
Why must I fight alone?
Why are all my friends bailing?
Why do my dreams go unknown?
Why must I fight through this shit?
Why do I even try?
Is there a purpose for any of it?
or will I forever be stuck asking why?

Thank you Stan Lee

Remember, remember, the 12th of November, the day Stan Lee would die. So say excelcior, and never forget, the day our imaginations would cry.

Thank you and rest in power #ThankyouStan #Excelcior

To our veterans

You gave us your life so we could thrive with ours. You gave us your tears so we have less to shed. You gave us your family so we could cherish ours. You faced our fears so we have less to dread. You gave us your heart so we could fill up ours. life here is safer because you sacrificed and bled. You gave us your will so we could strengthen ours. You sacrificed your freedom so we can choose the paths ahead. With everything you lost, so we could be free. Thank you United States Veteran, for protecting from sea to shining sea. #veterans

An old sketch of mine.

Artwork I did a loooooong time ago.  I think I might start drawing again…Thoughts?

Shed no more tears

Shed no more tears, for the darkness will fade. Peace of mind restored, for your world is remade. All has crumbled around you, but nothing has gone away. Everyone you’ve ever lost, is with you on this day. Close your eyes and breathe, feel the energy all around. Whispers caught in the breeze, familiar voices can be found. You never have to face the world, or the darkness all alone. There will always be love, and hope that’s clearly shown. Shed no more tears, for the emptiness will fade. All is rebuilt around you, with the faith and hope you’ve made.

One day

One day, I will be free, hope becomes reality.   One day, this prison will fall, and I can reclaim it all.  That day isn’t today, for these chains won’t break, and the nightmare is more than I can take.  That day isn’t today, for hope crumbles at my feet, and all I can feel is defeat.  One day, it may not be today, but it will come my way.  One day..

A Code

Chivalry before pride, honor before greed, strength to never hide, help for those in need. Hope beyond doubt, might over pain, voice to let it out, charity worth more than gain. Life in perception, truth in perspective, a code in conception, to those who are receptive.


I struggle,
Life is cursed by every breath I make.
Feeling so empty by the pain in which burrows through.
I fight,
Muscles pulsing with resistance to each new enemy.
I fear they will soon find the breaking point.
I beg,
humbled by the reality in which I cannot survive alone.
Destroyed by the fact that I will always be that way.
I Sigh…

Quote 9.13.2018

As with everything else in the Universe, you were created in balance.  Controlled in chaos, Tempered in ferocity, Blinding light within Darkness, and Hope within despair.

Two Months – Poem

Brought to the brink, afraid I might sink, but I stayed on my feet, and never accepted defeat. Devastated by luck, lacking a single buck, yet I rise from each fall, and I rise above it all. Absent for too long, fighting for where I belong, and I’m still alive, with a pledge to thrive. It hasn’t all been fun, and I almost thought I was done, but I rise up yet again, determined to fight and win. This life and all that I face, and the hope to find my place, will no longer be a delay, for this marks the dawn of my day! I’m Back!!!!!!!

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