…And another year older

Please, God, stop the hands of time.
Please, please don’t waste another tick.
I don’t wish to hear another chyme.
If I do, I’ll start to feel sick.

Okay, I know I’m complaining.
Yeah, even with a bit of a whine.
I wonder how long I have remaining.
fear of ending up in that box of pine.

Is there more days ahead than behind?
Another birthday goes zooming by.
Is this the year I lose my mind?
I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try.

Happy Birthday to all us old farts, senile and in denial.  Even if it isn’t medically true, we know we’ve already lost all our marbles.  Yes, it’s called being an adult.  Let me explain.  As a child, we collect all these marbles of knowledge, and we keep them nice and safe.  We rarely lose any of them.  Then we hit Adulthood, or should I say, Adulthood hits us.  Now, we have to take all those marbles we’ve acquired and stack them in the corner.  At that same exact moment, life drills a large hole behind us in the floor.  No matter how hard we try, they keep rolling away from us, those darn marbles.  It gets worse when we have kids, for they like to throw marbles down the hole for fun. That, my friends, is really how we lose all our marbles.

Seriously though, happy birthday to everyone reading this, whether its your birthday today or not.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.


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Invisible and yet…A struggle with Depression

I’m drowning, smothered in my own tears.
I don’t really understand why.
I’m not in pain, at least I don’t think.
Yet, even thought causes me to cry.
I want to stop it, and smile for everyone.
I genuinely want to try.
Every time I think I’ve got it licked.
I feel as if all hope is about to die.
Why can’t I just be happy?
Why does it all feel like a lie?
Feeling little more than indifference.
emotion no stronger than a sigh.
Yet, there are still those tears.
Like a river with all my dreams floating by.
No pain, no love, no expression left to share.
Faceless in an ocean, no anchor to tie.
I don’t want to wear this mask anymore.
I also cannot stand to say goodbye.
I’ve lost it all without even a fight.
Depression has a will far greater than I.

Depression is a far greater foe than all we must face in life.  It attacks without cause or warning, and can be relentless.  It’s fueled by that which we do not know, and yet is reinforced by all that is already there.  It’s invisible, and yet, can sustain horrible physical damage.  There is no weapons against it, except the will to overcome it.

Are you stronger than depression?  If you answer yes, you’re lying to yourself, or have yet to face the beast.  We all think our will can never be overcome, nor do we even think we need to fight.  The reality is, it will catch you, attacking everything in your life that you love.  Using you as the weapon, against you.  There’s hope however, even in the darkest of times.

Who are you without the people around you?  Think about this for a moment, as the greatest tool against depression is friendship.  True friendship can ease pain with a simple word, and dry tears by it’s mere presence.  Some might call that love, but if you think about it, aren’t they basically the same.  If you break it down to the mental and emotional barriers of who we are, they are indeed one and the same.  So, if you think a friend is under attack by this horrible force called depression, be there for them.  It may be the difference between life and death.

If you feel they need more help than you can offer, direct them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,


Starting Today

Drying these tears,
ending the sorrow,
Fading all fears,
dreaming of tomorrow.
Yesterday was rough,
yesterday had pain,
today standing tough,
finding myself again.
Rebuilding the dream,
unblock the dam,
flowing downstream,
of who I am.
Damage was done,
can be repaired,
battle was won,
dreams were shared.
Hope is restored,
faith remains strong,
heart has soared,
road was long.
Life on the mend,
obstacles have passed,
what awaits around the bend?
A dream that shall last.

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Down to business


It’s time to get things going and reveal the game plan.  the main reason I’m sharing this with you is because it’ll be the cause of gaps in new posts.  I like having this website, and sharing stuff with all of you, but if I don’t get these stories done, there’s no point in me being here.  They’re bursting to escape, so I need to let them out!

So, what exactly should you expect from me?  What’s my schedule of writing?  It’s allot, and a challenge, but I know I can do it.

November 2019:  A short story will be released on Black Friday.  No details yet, but this is where to be for updates.

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February 2021: Trailer Country Trilogy Book 3: Hangover of Fate will have it’s official full release.

Understand, these are burned into my mind, so the dates will NOT change.  However, I might get ahead of schedule and release other projects in between these dates. I have well over 30 stories to tell, with more popping up all the time.  As you may have already guessed, I’m not genre specific, so there will be a wide variety of stuff coming out.

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Here again Soldiers of the Lord

Rise again, Soldiers of the Lord.
For the war has changed some how.
The pen indeed, is mightier than the sword.
And words are the ultimate weapons now.

Faith has a new enemy within irrational fear.
Hysteria caused by a single misplaced word.
People now doubt what isn’t crystal clear.
Even then, the truth gets lost in what we’ve heard.

Opinion has replaced facts within the law,
and faith is overwhelmed by division and hate.
We pick apart each other through every single flaw.
Long before we even consider how we can relate.

Now come, Soldiers of the Lord, the fight grows desperate.
For ignorance and hate can attack without identity.
War has now reached the safety of Heaven’s gate.
Challenging everything faith could ever be.

Our sacrifices may indeed go in vain,
If we don’t rise together within all our strength.
No matter the religion, we all have much to gain.
Hand in hand, taking kindness to great length.

God Bless.

The internet is a great tool.  Sadly, that can be said for both good and evil.  Social Media has turned the war for our souls into a abyss of lies and rumors.  Facts are lost and deleted, replaced by whatever agenda people have within the world.  Trust is replaced with doubt, and community has be turned over into a mob.  Negativity flows freely without question while anything positive meets a barrier of critics.  Faith is no exception here.

I believe in God, and I’m a Christian.  Does this mean I have to hate a Muslim?  No.  Does this mean I should fear Muslims?  No.  The fact is, there are elements in every religion that want to abuse faith for hatred and personal agendas.  There are cults and factions, some very violent, that use the faith of others against them.  There are even people who use faith as a justification for their own personal hatred.  In the past, this was manifested through open direct conflict.  Now however, words have replaced swords as the tools of evil.

Life is difficult enough without irrational fears and ignorance pushing in on our lives.  We need to reinforce and bring back the meaning behind the word community.  Differences in each of us should never be our weaknesses, nor should they scare us.  In fact, our differences are what should make us stronger, when we work together.  So, don’t let the darkness in this world win.  Love thy neighbor, and do not judge others for what happens in their lives.  In the end, we aren’t meant to be the judges of others, only their peers.  Friends.  Family.  Community.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.



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Push, Pull, Give and get – Life is life

In life, each day is marked by pain.
Agony falls on you like rain.
You feel like you’ve nothing to gain.
Than again, life is life.

I know, gloomy and brief.  Between being sick still, and finances being finances, it’s been a rough weekend.  However, life being life, it will go on and it’ll get better.  The fact is, whenever you have pain, understand it and learn from it.  There’s always something to be gained from pain, regardless of how much you may actually lose.  Most people don’t recognize this, mainly because of the pain overwhelming any rational thinking.  Think about it, for it can change a great many things in your life.

Think of all the moments, and the sorrow that follows, that could’ve been changed by how you respond to pain.  True, there will never be any immediate resolution to drastic loss, such as a death of a loved one.  However, most other pains are far easier to push through than we allow.  So, push, pull, give and get, for life is life.  Pain will always be a part of that life.  Push forward, and pull through it.  Give the pain it’s moment, and then get back to work.  It’ll all work out in the end.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

A.M. Sawyer

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