Down with the sickness…literally

Coughing, wheezing, fever, sneezing.
Oh, the joys of being sick.
Congestion, aching, itching, irritating.
Symptoms coming on quick.
Throbbing, burning, stomach churning.
Every sound beating on my head.
Dizzy, sleepy, painful, weepy.
I’m going back to bed.

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been laid up due to illness this past week.  Most days, I could fight through it, but not today.  My body told me to get off my feet and stay there.  It needs to do some hard work to get this crap out of me.  So, since my brain is fizzled with fever, and body aches too much to type, I shall leave this post here.  Before I go however, I’d like to share something:

Here’s to the rain, and the sun that’s sure to follow.


Standing on the edge

Every time I think I’ve won,
Thinking this task is finally done,
something happens to ruin my fun,
and I realize I’m on step one.

Every time I think it’s complete,
Thinking I can finally get a treat,
I seem to lose my seat,
and have to start over from the defeat.

Every time I think I can stand tall,
Thinking I’ve made it through it all,
Life yet again almost makes me fall,
It’s like standing on an edge so very small….

…and Life gives me a push!

This isn’t as bad as it sounds, depending on the type of push life gives you.  True, it could lead to a free fall in life that is terrifying to say the least.  It could however, be a push to a new beginning that you never thought possible.  The challenge is, figuring out which push is coming before the consequences hit you.  That’s where the quote above the poem comes in.

The reality is, you really are on a metaphorical tightrope, and life is throwing off the balance, even as you read this post.  You can’t avoid it, and you can’t run from it, so what do you do?  Ditch the pole and take chances in life.  Realize this however, as you take a leap into the unknown.  You should still have that rope tied to your back as an anchor.  This means although taking chances is a good thing, you also need to realize that you’ll have consequences.  It’s always good to secure a bit of insurance on life (Not the same as paid life insurance, remember we’re talking metaphor here), and have that safety wire in case you fall.  It doesn’t have to be much, but it should be enough to get back to where you started without too much stress.

So, what will happen if you decide not to take a chance?  Well, nothing.  You’ll still be hit with challenges by life, as it unbalances you.  That part is unavoidable, as it’s life.  The big thing is, you’ll miss out on what could be there for you.  You know, the big “what if” that usually terrifies people.  It isn’t always a negative, and it doesn’t have to be a source of stress.  Look at something in life, and say to yourself, I want to do that.  Is it above your pay grade?  The real question is, does that even matter?

Personally, I’ve always had the ability to make a penny work as a dollar.  To stretch a very limited budget to achieve goals the same as those who make two or even three times as much as me.  So, why haven’t I achieved so much more in life?  Simple, I aired on the side of caution, which led to a life full of reacting instead of acting.  Basically, I would wait until life unbalanced me, and then I’d right myself again, but never actually taking a step forward.  So there I stand, in the same metaphorical spot as I did years ago.  This has been a lesson learned in the worst ways.  Instead of being prosperous, I’m starting over from step one yet again.  This time, I’m dropping the pole.  This time, I’m following my own advice, and taking the chance I should’ve done ten years ago.  I will succeed, for as I like to say:

Now, I need your assistance, and yes, it will cost you.  The plus side is, you’ll enjoy what you get, and it’s not expensive at all.  Heck, I’d do this all for free, if I didn’t have three incredible kids depending on me.  Please check out my short story:


Morning Warning

It’s never too early to be on alert, especially when the weather is concerned, and for Anthony and his family, one morning could mean the difference between life and death.
Friday has always had special meaning during the spring for this 11 year old boy, his 14 year old sister Rachel, and their 17 year old brother Alex. It wasn’t just the last day of school for the week, but also counted as one week closer to summer vacation. However, after a night of heavy thunderstorms and several tornado warnings, this particular Friday has started off with droopy eyes and jingled nerves. With no watches or warnings, and little more than a drizzle outside, it seemed like a smooth day ahead. Fate, it seems, may just have other plans. As they say, it isn’t the weather you get warnings about that should worry you, but rather the weather that catches you by surprise. Will they survive the morning? Read on and find out in “Morning Warning”.

Click on the book cover to head to Amazon, or simply check any online book retailer.  eBook is only $0.99 and it’s also available as an Audio Book.  This is a short story in all aspects, so if you want a quick, yet powerful read, get a copy today.  Save an author, save the world, and please leave a review.

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Site Updates

As part of my building push to be a top tier author, I’ve been developing a strategy for this website.  I’m sure you may have noticed a recent change in structure and added content.  To further this process, and to balance website content with my story writing, I will be following a set posting schedule starting next week.  The posting dates will be as follows:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
(Times will still vary, and these days will be subject to change)

Also, expect more changes to how the website looks, as I update it to be user friendly for all devices.  As of right now, it’s designed for computer setup, which does make mobile devices a bit cluttered.  I’m working on this issue.  Thanks again, and happy reading.

How to deal with a bully – Rant

There are plenty of bullies in this world.  There are more victims of those bullies.  The problem is, we’re taking the worst approach ever in how we deal with bullies.  Seriously, a child gets suspended for protecting another child from a bully.  Since that bully didn’t “Start” the fight, he/she gets away with it.  In what realm does this make any sense?  I understand that parents want to protect their kids.  That in no way should mean making them defenseless in a world that won’t hesitate to stomp down on them.

Here’s an idea.  Instead of making useless rules and laws that cannot be properly enforced, we should teach our kids honor and respect.  They need to know how to stand up for themselves and each other.  I’m not saying to train them to do serious harm, but bullying is only effective if the victim feels helpless.  Remove that helplessness through honor and respect, with an added bonus of building self-esteem, and bullies fade away.  Yes, they will never be gone forever, but at least those who would be victims aren’t alone, or helpless.

There’s simply no place in handicapping people by making them think they’re safer due to a few sentences on a piece of paper.  Especially teenagers, who don’t realize that anti-bullying laws only work after the crime is committed, and the damage already done.  Furthermore, those that think these rules will deter bullying drastically underestimate the fundamentals of hatred.  It defies reason, rules, logic, and all rational thought.  It’s a disease, planted in teaching, grown through pain and ignorance, and expressed in violence.  Laws and rules simply do not work.

You hear stories, such as the girl who committed suicide when a photo was shared that humiliated her.  Apparently, she was forced into the photo in the girls’ locker room by a bully, who posted them online.  Laws and rules didn’t help her, but her classmates could’ve.  If the lesson they’re taught is that they all deserve, and yet have to earn respect, they would’ve either ignored the post, or responded to the bully.    The event may never have had a chance to happen.  Another child shot up his school, a very evil thing to do.  There’s no excuse for this action, but there very well could’ve been a way to avoid it.  The child had mental issues, but the presence of bullying pushed those issues in such a direction, that violence was the only response.  There are two types of people in this world, when faced with a mental snap due to bullying.  They either become homicidal or suicidal.  Neither is an acceptable outcome.

The fact is, we’re putting a band-aid of a response to a broken leg of an issue.  We’re training victims while performing pointless slaps on the wrists of bullies.  We’re teaching these kids that to stand up for themselves or others is to be punished.  We’re teaching them that the only course of action is to run and tell someone in authority, only to find those authority figures absent when needed most.  Basically, we’re teaching cowards while life itself will create monsters.  We’re unbalancing things that need to be balanced, and scratching our heads at the resulting chaos.  This needs to stop.

Education is the single greatest weakness of the modern world.  Our governments fill our heads with useless knowledge while we grow dependent on them.  Instead of teaching us to survive on our own, they’re teaching us how to submit completely to them.  Our schools need shop, home economics, financial economics, crafts, and more arts.  Our kids need to be taught how to survive, and more importantly, how to give.  They need to end this cycle of greed.    Things need to change.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,


Save the author, save the world!!

Be at one with each word,
whether written or heard,
For stories can take you anywhere,
Characters in which you can hate or care,
and your imagination gets stirred.

The written word is subjected to incredible scrutiny.  Every single sentence we as authors bring to the page gets ridiculed, picked apart, and falls victim to redefinition.  In fact, almost everything ever written has been interpreted to mean something other than what the original author intended.  Nobody is immune to it, from the elites of Stephen King, to the newcomer just getting started.  This has led to many new authors becoming afraid to get the help they need to improve and succeed.

Want an editor, you have to take the chance and pay someone, hoping they won’t turn around and sell your work to better connections.  True, there are contracts, but if there’s one thing the modern court system has proven, is that the one with more money wins the case.  Oh sure, they can lose at first, but they’ll just appeal, and appeal.  As no money changes hands until the final appeal is decided, the one with deeper pockets will win out.

As an author, I’ve always been hesitant to openly show off my stuff.  It’s not that I don’t want to share my stories with everyone, but I don’t want someone to steal my stuff.  I’ve never wanted to become rich, but I’ve always wanted to do the thing I love and still support my family.  I find the only safe way to do this these days is to go in independently.  However, this choice has it’s own set of problems, as all of the financial and technical issues a book faces to make it to market, is now on my shoulders.  I, personally, have no issues with this, but I do need help.

This is where you come in.  The request isn’t a difficult one, and you’ll get something out of it.  Here’s the deal,  buy any one of my books already out for sale, read it, and leave a review.  You get a fun short story, or maybe info on Autism, or even some great collections of poetry.  Paperback, eBook, or even Audio-books are available.  Don’t forget to follow this website, and sign up via email.  Click on the right side of this page to join in.  Most importantly, Here’s the link to find all my stuff on Amazon (Note: it isn’t exclusive, so feel free to look on other sites if you’re opposed to Amazon) :

A.M.Sawyer’s Amazon Author Page, Click here


Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,

A.M. Sawyer

The next great push – Being you

Am I the one who  chooses,
Am I the one who always loses?
Am I the one who sits and wait?
Am I the one who is always late?
Am I the one who pushes ahead?
Am I the one who is better off dead?
Am I the one who believes everything I’m told?
Am I the one who lives like I’ll never get old?
Am I the one still standing when it’s all said and done?
When it comes to my life, YES, because I am the one!

Listen up, as in life, you really only get one go at it.  Are you going to spend that one life on things that make you forget you’re even alive?  Are you going to spend every day wishing you could change yesterday while today speeds by in a haze of regret?  Are you going to spend every day planning for a tomorrow that disappears each time it becomes today?  It really seems simple if you think about these questions.  Life was never meant to be all stress and work, although they must play their part.  I know, many of you at this point will say something about Life not being the end, and so on.  Look, Whatever you believe happens after life, it’s just that!  It’s after life.

There is nothing that states you should waste this life in stress, fear, and labor, and at the same time, ignore everything that brings joy.  True, if you want a long life, there is some level of moderation needed.  This is true for all of life, as life is balance.  The problem of today, everybody extremes one way or the other, and still expects happiness.  In the end, you either get the brief rushes of excitement drenched in periods of misery, or we just stress so much about everything, we forget joy all together.  Neither sounds very fun.

Personally, I find the best way to enjoy life, is to be me.  Recognize what I find happiness in, and balance it into my life.  There will always be situations that through off the balance from time to time.  You simply correct that imbalance and move on.  I love to read, so I find time to read. I love to write, so I find time to write.  I love movies, so there’s time for that as well.  I really love my family, so I do many of these activities with them, and many others as well.  Yes, I still work a day job, but I do it for my family.  I do it for myself.  Why, because I am me.  I make my own choices, I don’t care what others think of me.  I am me.

Thanks for reading, as I reminder, I have several projects already out on the market.  Help me achieve my goals as an author, and read something fun along the way.  Check them out on Amazon, like this one:

Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith

Three impossible questions, two incredible creatures, one epic battle, and at the center, a young woman by the name of Heather struggles with the very meaning of faith. Will the nasty little Leprechaun use his three questions to discredit her beliefs, or will the lovely Fairy with a heart of gold be able to share her unshakable faith? Join the struggle, choose your side, and find the answers.

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Who am I, if not an Author

I identify as me,
I set myself to be,
My mind is free,
Creativeness to see.

This is what I do,
The door I go through,
The inspiration rings true,
Here to reach you.

Odds I will defy,
Limits beyond the sky,
Better keep an eye,
For I am the reason why.

Now begins the show,
No better place to go,
So come enjoy the flow,
While I unleash all I know.

Reality tends to push us down at every turn.  Most of you reading this know all too well of what I’m speaking.  That being said, it really doesn’t matter.  It isn’t what life does to you that defines what you do in this world.  Instead, it’s all about how you choose to respond to everything that comes your way.  Will you let it push you down again and again, crushing all hope of standing tall?  Will you recover again and again, never actually taking a step forward?  Why would anyone consider either of those choices good enough?  We’ve all heard the excuses, probably even using them ourselves from time to time.  “It’s too much” or “I’m just having bad luck”, there are literally thousands of excuses for people to quit.  Honestly though, there will never actually be one reason.

Personally, as an author, I’ve heard every line you could think of about my writing.  I’ll never be published, or I’ll never find success.  Hell, I’ve been told I suck more than a few times.  Some people ask me if I stole it, every time something I write gets attention.  Literally, everything I could think of, has been said to me, or about me in the negative.  Have I thought about quitting?  Honestly, yes I have.  I’ve even taken several steps back, not writing for months, or even a year.  I realized though, I cannot be me without writing.  I’m only half the person I’m meant to be when I don’t share my words with the world.  I am an Author and a Poet.

Lately, I find myself in a unique position.  I actually have resources available to me, that can help me fill the gaps I’ve been missing up until now.  It will still take time, as all great writing does, but I know what to do and where to go.  It’ll take some luck, and some support, but I will see my name counted among the giants of literature.  At this time, I would like to invite you to join me on this journey.

The first step is simple, follow this website, like and share my posts, and leave comments/questions.  I welcome all feedback, even if you don’t agree.  All I ask, if you don’t like something I post, offer constructive criticism.  As I grow my following, I will be expanding my interactions, including offering free Autographed items and books.  I’m open to any suggestions, especially in what direction I should take in specific areas.  Is there a topic you’d like a poem about, send a request.  You’ll be acknowledged in the post and put in a special drawing I will hold at a later date (No time frame yet, and no official prize, although a gift card seems the likely outcome).  Who knows what the future holds, but I would like you all to be part of it.

Did you know I have a short story out on the digital market?

Morning Warning

It’s never too early to be on alert, especially when the weather is concerned, and for Anthony and his family, one morning could mean the difference between life and death.  Friday has always had special meaning during the spring for this 11 year old boy, his 14 year old sister Rachel, and their 17 year old brother Alex. It wasn’t just the last day of school for the week, but also counted as one week closer to summer vacation. However, after a night of heavy thunderstorms and several tornado warnings, this particular Friday has started off with droopy eyes and jingled nerves. With no watches or warnings, and little more than a drizzle outside, it seemed like a smooth day ahead. Fate, it seems, may just have other plans. As they say, it isn’t the weather you get warnings about that should worry you, but rather the weather that catches you by surprise. Will they survive the morning? Read on and find out in “Morning Warning”.

eBook is only $0.99 and AudioBook is only $6.99
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A.M. Sawyer

What’s the Rush – Please slow down!!

What a rush, life in the fast lane.
The reality is however, a life in pain.
You miss so much, so little to gain.
Memories so blurred, so very plain.

What was the point, why miss it all?
Just to keep pace, just to have a ball.
The harder you push, the worse the fall.
An empty heart is all that’s left to recall.

So take the time, see the beauty of life.
Sacrifice the hassle, save you from the strife.
Choose the moment, skip the rife.
You’ll find yourself in love with life.


Are you in love with life?  Although many of you might actually say yes, the reality is, if you examine the details of each day, the answer is a heavy “no”.  It’s okay though, as nothing is easier than becoming lost within the bombardment of negativity you face.  On the Television, Radio, or even face-to-face, you’re surrounded by the worst of every situation you can imagine.  Sadly, for some, even some situations you’d never wish to imagine.  I want you to read this next part slowly, and out loud.  “Everything will be okay, because I am incredible beyond compare.”

It’s true, whether you wish to believe it or not, you’re incredible.  Even if life isn’t what you hoped it would be at this point, you can change it.  It’s not impossible, because you’re incredible.  It’s not unreachable, because you’re incredible.  It’s not even unrealistic, because you’re incredible.  Yesterday, in my post, I spoke about doing what you’re meant to do in life. (See post here).  Now, you should know that you can succeed in that fated endeavor.  Many of you may be told the two words that should never be said  “You can’t” (Or “I can’t” if you truly are your worst enemy).  These words are poison, and nothing more.  They hold no meaning, except for what you allow them.  They should be removed from your vocabulary, period.

Personally, every time someone speaks of Autism, all I hear is what they can’t do.  I’m mildly Autistic, and all three of my children are Autistic.  I can tell you right now, it’s all crap.  My kids still struggle with the “I can’t” because, even with us removing those words from home, they still hear it every day.  They get told they can’t do this because of Autism, and they hear others be told of what they cannot do.  A fact of life is, if someone is treated as broken, they will soon act that way.  With Autism, and early diagnosis, this has become the problem.  My kids can do anything they put their minds to do, even my eldest whom is considered nonverbal.   He shows me with every door he breaks through, because others refuse to open them for him.  He shows me with every test he passes, despite them saying he would never catch on.  He can do anything he wants, and you can do it too.

Slow down in life, and fall in love with yourself all over again.  Be whom you were meant to become, and help others do the same.  Show the word community can have meaning once again.  Finally, recognize that you ARE incredible.  Say it again, and say it every single day.  “I am incredible beyond compare”.

Speaking of Autism, I have my own book that touches on the subject:

The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions

What is Autism? There are the socially accepted answers, and there’s reality. If you’re a parent or relative of an Autistic person, you’ve probably noticed that reality doesn’t seem to match what they tell you. This book takes research from various Autism programs and studies, and factors in real life. Each section outlines and researches a different misconception faced with Autism, including environmental factors, possible reasons for Autism, and the truth about intelligence concerning Autism. There’s also learning games and information that focus on the individual, not what they consider as an illness. We’ve been in the dark ages for far too long about Autism, and now it’s time to shine in the light of hope. What is Autism? Let’s begin the journey for truth together.

Paperback is only $9.99, eBook $2.99

Buy a copy at Amazon by clicking here.


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