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Please take a moment and head over to Amazon.  The link below will show you the list of work I have available to be purchased.  There are Audio Books, eBooks, and even paperback.  Coming soon, there will also be a new Poetry Book as well.  More info as it happens on that project.

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Also, in my personal life, a horrible situation has led me to request help.  Three wonderful children with Autism, are on the verge of losing their first ever trip to meet Mickey Mouse.  Thousands of dollars are already invested, and if this nightmare of a situation didn’t happen, we would be financially sound.  Either purchasing a book at Amazon above, or donating to the GoFundMe below would help us.  Thanks and many blessings to you all.

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In darkness and Light this fight

The darker the times,
The more tragic it feels,
Victims of such crimes,
As corruptions and misdeals.
Yet there is still joy,
in which to help cope,
for even such a ploy,
cannot shake such hope.
Through the madness,
and all of the pain,
tears of such sadness,
falling like the rain.
We will rise up once more,
and shine in such wonderful light,
We can open up new doors,
when we never give up the fight.

Trying not to break three wonderful hearts!

Help me keep from breaking three sweet little hearts

Above is the link to a Gofundme page.  Two weeks ago, My family had me working a full time day job, plus my writing.  My wife was working a part-time job, and things were going great.  We had invested several thousands of dollars into our first ever family vacation.  Almost everything on the Florida end is paid in full (Non-refundable), and we put in a bunch of money getting a vehicle ready to go from Michigan to Florida and back.  In one week, it’s turned into a nightmare.  My day job ended suddenly, and my wife was stricken with strep so severe, they might be forced to remove her tonsils.  Making things worse, the car we invested all that money into blew the head gasket.  We have three incredible children that we’ve been prepping for this trip for months (They all have different levels of Autism, so preparing them for a big change in routine is important), and if we back out this close to the trip (Scheduled to leave on the 24th of May), they will be heartbroken.  I know there are people in far worse situations than us, but I cannot give up without trying everything I can for my children.  Thank you and God Bless.  (Pics of my kids are on the page)


Things are changing, they always do,
Something’s happening, this much is true.
The weather is different, something’s wrong,
It’s changing too fast, yet it’s taking too long.
we used to have an idea, or at least a guess,
How the weather might be, but now it’s a mess.
Seems like we get too much rain, but it’s always dry,
The plants quickly come to life, and just as quickly die.
The warm sun rises, making feel like eighty degrees,
But by the evening, you’ll be lucky if you don’t freeze.
These drastic changes are harsh, affecting us all,
Even though it’s spring, sometimes it feels like fall.
Something is wrong; we can see it every day,
But it’s something we can change, and make it go away.
We just have to remember, this planet is life for us all,
If it dies or changes drastically, we all may fall.
So protect the world around you, decide to live smart,
Love the life it gives you, and keep it in your heart.
For if it all ends, we shall parish like the planet we neglect,
So love our Mother Earth, and all the creatures she protects.