Out of Print

These titles are no longer available to purchase new, although you can expect updated versions of several of these in the future.  These represent phase one of my writing, which was all about learning how to make a great story.  Admittedly, although all were great stories, not all were put together well, and lacked a professional touch.

From Left:  Lord of the Mullets (To be rewritten), The Disaster that is Emotion (Poetry), Worse (Short story being written as full novel), Sword of Time (To be rewritten), Shattered Reflections (Poetry)


These titles are available to purchase in at least one media at this time, or are upcoming.  These represent phase two of my writing, as I have the ability to go with my talent of writing, and now I must share it with everyone.

From Left:  Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith (Audio Book only, Short Story out of print), The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions (Nonfiction, Paperback and eBook), Morning Warning (eBook and Audio Book), Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos (Sequel to previous title, coming soon in Paperback and eBook).

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