Update 10-10-2019

Hey everyone,

Things are moving along, so I figured I’d give an update.  I’m still on track to do the full official relaunch of my site, which will be all things Author related.  The Relaunch is December 1st!

Writing has been moving along, including the beginning for the development of weekly serial novel.  My next update will contain details, but it’ll be epic!  Also, “After the Eye Passes” has been written, edited and is being sent out to find a publisher.  This is a great novel about personal loss and tragedy, and how to recover.  Oh, I’m rewriting “Lord of the Mullets”, and since I’m keeping the Trailer Country Trilogy independent, you may see it available soon.  Stay tuned.

Also, in my next update, I’ll reveal the short story I plan to release on Black Friday, November 28th.  Allot going on, and coming up with ideas for the website.

Note: I’ve been posting new articles almost daily on Medium.com, so head over to read and share.  These are all non-author articles, and yet, I do use poetry in some of them.  Here’s the link:  Medium Profile

One more thing, don’t forget that I do have works already out for sale, so head to Amazon or wherever you buy books and look up A.M.Sawyer.  Here’s my link to Amazon, as I love that site.  Amazon Author Page

Thanks for Reading.



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