Wanted to share…

I wanted to share a piece from the book I’m presently writing.  As an update, I’ve already completed my novel “After the Eye Passes”, which is roughly 35,000 words. (For inquiries,see last post).  Please read and enjoy this tease of “Dark Omen: The Enchanting Pin”  (Note: Obviously unedited as I’m in the process of writing, so please forgive any mistakes or structure issues and enjoy the story)


Twelve drops of fire and ice, that’s what is believed to have created our world.  That spawned the Realm of the Twelve Kingdoms.  Throughout our history, it’s also the reason the number twelve is both revered and feared among its people.  It has become both the signal of great joy, and the coming of disaster.  Depending on who speaks, it’s carried as a sign of either blessed goodness or incredible evil.  Thus is the fate of the twelve in all things, duality of a balance that never equals.

There is legend about a time before the eternal war, when the Twelve Kingdoms were ruled by great beings of power and wisdom.  These beings, called the Twelve Tears of God by our religious sects, created humans here to prosper and grow.  Within their control were magical tools called the Enchanting Pins.  These jewels held great powers over nature and humankind.  They were not infallible however, as these Enchanting Pins became corrupted by the dark parts of human nature.

It is said that the great beings became overwhelmed by the very tools they used to rule peacefully over our world.  Five of the pins grew so powerful and so evil; they persuaded their owners to wage war.  The first years alone led to the slaughter of thousands of innocents, as the elements suffered as much as the subjects in the Twelve Kingdoms.  In fact, it’s believed that nature was completely thrown off, with fires caused by heat in the winters and blizzards cutting through summer months.  This led to millions of deaths due to loss of food sources and mass extinctions of many beasts of burden.

One final attempt was made by the beings to restore balance to all things.  They created a master pin in secret, one which could overrule and reset the others.  The battle was disastrous, creating the Southern Wastelands and wiping out millions of people.  All twelve beings are believed to have perished, along with the Enchanting Pins.  Yet, it’s said that a curse has the Twelve Kingdoms forever locked in a stalemate of war.

It’s been ten thousand years since that battle is said to have taken place, and rumors are spreading that some of the jewels have survived.  It’s only a matter of time before they’re found, and an ancient prophecy will be fulfilled.

The war which must begin must also end, and the tools of both are linked.  What was lost shall resurface, and five shall outnumber billions on the brink.  Mountains of bones shall rise above, and yet drown under oceans of blood.  If no balance in light and darkness can be found, the fate of the realm shall be sealed within the flood.

Little does this world know, it all begins with me, a poor desperate soldier by the name of Bleit.


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