On the day when Angels cry,
A terrible cloud twice filled the air,
Horrible death cut across the sky,
Igniting flames of terror and despair.
On the day when two titans fell,
Hidden within their own tragic veil,
Heroes vanished within this Hell,
Even the best efforts could not avail.
On the day when our nation paid,
With thousands of souls that were lost,
Let us never let one of those voices fade,
As we remember that terrible cost.
On the day we fell silent in September,
9/11 and the Hell we went through,
We found our voice and will always remember,
Strength flows in the Red, White, and Blue.

Where were you when the twin towers fell?  I’m sure many can still tell, in great detail.  I was staying at my grandparents at the time.  I had been asleep when the first plane hit, as I was up earlier to feed the animals.  I awoke to my grandpa saying “Wake up, we’re under attack”.  Of course, I thought it was like an invasion, not a terrorist action.  I got out to the living room to watch the news, and like many of you, watched on live TV as the second plane hit.  We sat there, mesmerized and terrorized, as they showed video of things that would never normally air.  People jumping from the buildings, clear view of bodies they never meant to air, and conflicting reports of what was actually happening.

Nobody knew for sure what was going on, but we knew allot of people were lost.  Yes, there are still conspiracies floating around about what really happened that day.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter.  We lost so many lives, and everybody started pointing fingers.  At this time, what does it matter, for we must move forward.  This however, doesn’t mean we should forget.  The biggest thing that we should be doing, is feeding off the heroic deeds of so many people that day.

Do good in this world, as even the smallest deeds can have the biggest impacts.  After all, if we keep letting evil get all the attention, we will all fall.  Let us now take a moment, remember those that were lost.



Blessings on this day,



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