Social Media is a social failure

So many friends, yet I haven’t met one.
Multiplayer is the only way to have fun.
Social life exclusively online,
brainpower on the decline.
Such a thing as real life is all but done.

All I see when I go on social media is how stupid people are online.  I can only hope that doesn’t translate into reality, or this world really is in trouble.  People talking about comparing unborn children to eagle eggs, or insulting to pope for making a plea to abandon fossil fuels.  At the same time as people attack others for talking facts and science (Even ironically, the head of a religious group), they’re praising people with no talent beyond flashing their ass online to everyone.  Seriously, what is wrong with people?

This planet is in trouble, and it’s our fault.  This is a fact, with mountains of scientific evidence to back it up.  Heck, there’s environmental evidence all around us.  How could people think that bleeding this planet dry of oil has no consequences?  How could people think that burning all that oil won’t have atmospheric consequences, especially with billions of people on this planet?  Finally, why the heck are people letting companies and governments withhold technologies that could stop, and even reverse many of these damages?  It’s all about the money.

Did you know, there are dozens of alternate energy technologies that have already been proven to work?  They can run literally everything we currently use in life from handheld tech to entire cities, without the waste.  Why don’t they already start changing everything?  It’s because the patents are all owned by the oil companies.  Every time a new technology pops up, they swoop in and offer the creators billions of dollars for the patents.  Greed is an easy thing to keep under control.

Other than money, social media is one of the biggest ways a few people are keeping the masses under control.  People are under the illusion they have choices, and yet they’re attached to these electronic devices.  They’re slaves to something that fits easily in the palm of their hands.  After all, who actually wants to face reality when you can judge it online, without having to do a single thing.  Puppets on a digital string.

I have a challenge for all of you.  Disconnect for one day a week.  No television, no cell phones, no computers, not even the radio.  Go outside, and do something in the world.  Leave all technology at home.  Take a walk in nature, or on the beach.  Go swimming, or go to a local park.  Meet up with friends, or even find a shady tree and read an actual book.  Understand what the world actually is, for technology has nothing to do with nature, no matter how hard they try to copy it.  Learn, and observe.  See the pollution we create, and the waste we leave everywhere around us.  See the animals we torture, kill, and display for our own amusement.  Take eyes off the technology and see the world.  When you see it, then you can learn how to change it.  You can improve it!

Thanks and many blessings,


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