What has passed is past.

Why do we focus on yesterday?
When everything has gone away.
There’s nothing more you can do,
Yesterday has already been run through.
It’s time to invest on today!

Tomorrow will never come any quicker,
The hour glass will never grow any thicker,
Live your life for today,
Let the worry fade away,
and stop getting stressed about that ticker.

(From the pages of Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection)

Life is beautiful,
Life is tragic,
Life is pitiful,
Life is magic.
Life is faith,
Life is lies,
Life is pain,
Life is compromise.
Life is love,
Life is hate,
Life is random,
Life is fate.
Life is empty,
Life is true,
Life is dirty,
Life is you.
Life is fear,
Life is bliss,
But above all else,
Life is…

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