Ever the winds of chaos

Pushing forward, yet standing still.
will it ever make it over the hill?
Destructive to all in the way,
Will we make it through the day?
or will this monster come to kill?

The Hurricane off the coast of Florida hasn’t moved very much.  So here I sit, wondering how bad it’s going to be when it does finally arrive.  In the mean time, my thoughts go to the people getting absolutely pummeled in the Bahamas.  Going more than 24 hours dealing with winds well over 100 mph is beyond a nightmare.  Think about it, your house gets ripped apart from flooding, high winds, and who knows what else, forcing you to vacate your only shelter.  Did you know, when outside in winds over 80 mph, it’s very hard to breathe.  In fact, it almost feels like the wind is ripping the air out of your mouth.  Now imagine having no choice but to go out, in winds double that 80 mph, to seek out more shelter.  That’s the terrifying reality of the Bahamas until this monster passes.

Entire islands are under water, and utilities are all gone.  If they’re lucky, their drinking water hasn’t been washed away in the massive storm surge, and who can eat with violent winds blasting in for hours on end.  These nightmares sound like something out of a story, but they’re all too real.

Bottom line, if you pray, keep the people in the Bahamas within those prayers.  If not, keep them in your thoughts.  Either way, it’s going to be a long recovery, if that storm ever decides to finally move on.

Many blessings,


Note: Normally I’d plug one of many stories for sale here, but out of respect to those in the Bahamas, I’d like to recommend everyone donate to the American Red Cross, or any organization offering assistance to Hurricane Dorian.


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