Why we need Rain Forests…Rant

Okay people, I have a problem.  In fact, we all do.  Ever wonder what it’s like to breathe with only one lung?  If things keep going the way they are, you’ll find out within twenty years.  The rain forest, in South America and all over the world, is in danger of being wiped out.  The Amazon, presently on fire, is responsible for almost 20% of our planets oxygen in a given year.  If we don’t stop, that’s almost half of one lung gone.  In Asia and Africa, there’s another 25% of oxygen.  Yes, these forests are also being destroyed, including fires.  Hey, might as well say one lung gone.  Scary thought, but this is only the beginning of the problem.

What many people seem to overlook is the domino effect.  Yes, the loss of an ecosystem is going to throw off this entire planet.  Yes, living with reduced oxygen will be difficult.  The worst part is however, that fact that if the rain forest dies, so shall we.  Our planet requires a level of balance, and we cannot restore or recreate a proper rain forest ecosystem.  Once it’s gone, that’s it, forever will it remain extinct.  The effects of its loss will ripple across this planet.  One by one, other ecosystems will fail, damaged by a connection we never fully understood.  Within a lifetime, what was a life-sustaining blue marble of a planet, will become a baron wasteland, empty and void of life.  Guess what, it’ll be our fault.

This is where I get really pissed.  People go on social media stating that things like eating less meat, or pledges of donations will make all the difference.  This is all crap!  I know, agriculture is part of the issue.  However, methods and technology are already available to stop the need to destroy these forests.  So, the question becomes, why aren’t they using these tools and saving the forests?  Two words will say it all.  MONEY, and POWER.

This gets even more complicated, as because of money and power, people seem to easily ignore science.  Man-made Climate Change is still a debate.  There’s over 7 billion people on this planet, are people really so ignorant to think that many couldn’t cause a climate change?  Especially with the resources 1 person in any of 100 countries uses in 1 year.  Even so, science has already proven we affect the climate, but a debate rages on.  It’s all because of money and power.  We can even add in a third word that escalates the issue, OPINION.

Now, I’m like the rest of you.  We gave up our individual power to other people, and let ourselves get distracted by our daily lives.  None of us think we can make a difference.  Even worse, our minds are corralled and led to believe what these people want, providing the illusion of free thinking while denying it.  I’m awake now, and I really don’t like what I’m seeing.  Maybe it’s time everyone does the same.  We’re killing the very thing that keeps us alive, and we’re doing it for something that has no real value.  There are over 7 billion of us, and 1% is controlling the rest like puppets for something else that really has no value.  Money and Power.

Wake up people.  Save the rain forest, and save the world.  If you really are that selfish of a person, you’d be saving yourself as well.

Thanks for reading and many blessings,



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