To the North I tell you!

Just a bit westward it goes,
it then shifts back to the east,
nobody really ever knows,
the path of the beast.
We sit and worry what will be,
waiting for each new update to come,
All we can do is stand by and see,
where the worst will come from.
Fear is worse than the storm outside,
There’s no reason for life to stand still,
There’s nowhere to run or hide,
so we should continue on until…
It’s here!

The coming storm is slower, stronger, and larger than previously predicted.  The good news for Florida, is that they may avoid a direct hit.  People who planned for the new Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World will be happy, as the park doesn’t close unless it gets really bad.  Further north however, they’ve begun to worry.  The storm might even make it to category 5 before running up the coast line.  If you live on the east coast, prepare for major storm surges, as this beast has a kick.  Florida counties have already issued evacuations for barrier areas, and low land near the ocean.  Be safe everyone, all along the east coast.

Thanks for reading and many blessings,


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