Happiness in perspective

Let’s face reality here.  A vast majority of people these days spend over 50% of their day complaining how bad life has been to them.  Whether it be work, home, love, or family, there’s always something people need to complain about.  That’s the problem right there, as we think we need to complain.  All that need brings is a lifestyle filled with negative thoughts and negative actions.  It all piles up, and creates a circle of misery that’s incredibly difficult to escape.

The reason I bring this up is that the last six months I found myself surrounded by so much negativity, that I essentially got consumed by it.  Being Autistic, I’m not able to do what seems like instant mood changes, especially since my present situation has me surrounded by a much younger crowd.  I got caught in the circle of misery, and I had to fight my way out.  The only way I could do it, was to back off from the source of negativity, sacrificing some to save the whole.

If you find yourself complaining more than working towards finding happiness, stop what you’re doing and take a step back.  Only then can you get perspective on life and solve the problems.

Pushing forward and running through,
Happiness in life and all you do,
But negativity can creep up fast,
leaving scars that seem to last,
Negativity doesn’t have to consume you.


Thank you and many blessings,



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