Love thy pets

A pet is just an animal,
some would say,
but to those who understand,
they’re not just a stray.
They are a life,
a treasure indeed,
and even these wonderful beings,
find themselves in need.
They have a soul,
and feelings to hurt,
so why should we so pitilessly,
throw them into the dirt.
They are a jewel,
a member of the family,
and their future is as important,
as you and me.
So hold onto hope,
and call in all you know,
for these animals deserve nothing less,
than all the love we can show.

Every single day, an animal that poured all it’s love into someone is abandoned.  Some reasons are heartbreaking, and others are unfathomable.  None of them should even be happening.  If you own a pet, you’re adopting a member of the family.  People asked me if I would give up my Tiger to have a place to live, and my answer has always been “No”.  Pets are not toys, or collectibles, to be thrown off whenever they become inconvenient.  They’re a commitment, just like having children.  Understand it, embrace it, and never forget it.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,



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