…And another year older

Please, God, stop the hands of time.
Please, please don’t waste another tick.
I don’t wish to hear another chyme.
If I do, I’ll start to feel sick.

Okay, I know I’m complaining.
Yeah, even with a bit of a whine.
I wonder how long I have remaining.
fear of ending up in that box of pine.

Is there more days ahead than behind?
Another birthday goes zooming by.
Is this the year I lose my mind?
I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try.

Happy Birthday to all us old farts, senile and in denial.  Even if it isn’t medically true, we know we’ve already lost all our marbles.  Yes, it’s called being an adult.  Let me explain.  As a child, we collect all these marbles of knowledge, and we keep them nice and safe.  We rarely lose any of them.  Then we hit Adulthood, or should I say, Adulthood hits us.  Now, we have to take all those marbles we’ve acquired and stack them in the corner.  At that same exact moment, life drills a large hole behind us in the floor.  No matter how hard we try, they keep rolling away from us, those darn marbles.  It gets worse when we have kids, for they like to throw marbles down the hole for fun. That, my friends, is really how we lose all our marbles.

Seriously though, happy birthday to everyone reading this, whether its your birthday today or not.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.


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