Invisible and yet…A struggle with Depression

I’m drowning, smothered in my own tears.
I don’t really understand why.
I’m not in pain, at least I don’t think.
Yet, even thought causes me to cry.
I want to stop it, and smile for everyone.
I genuinely want to try.
Every time I think I’ve got it licked.
I feel as if all hope is about to die.
Why can’t I just be happy?
Why does it all feel like a lie?
Feeling little more than indifference.
emotion no stronger than a sigh.
Yet, there are still those tears.
Like a river with all my dreams floating by.
No pain, no love, no expression left to share.
Faceless in an ocean, no anchor to tie.
I don’t want to wear this mask anymore.
I also cannot stand to say goodbye.
I’ve lost it all without even a fight.
Depression has a will far greater than I.

Depression is a far greater foe than all we must face in life.  It attacks without cause or warning, and can be relentless.  It’s fueled by that which we do not know, and yet is reinforced by all that is already there.  It’s invisible, and yet, can sustain horrible physical damage.  There is no weapons against it, except the will to overcome it.

Are you stronger than depression?  If you answer yes, you’re lying to yourself, or have yet to face the beast.  We all think our will can never be overcome, nor do we even think we need to fight.  The reality is, it will catch you, attacking everything in your life that you love.  Using you as the weapon, against you.  There’s hope however, even in the darkest of times.

Who are you without the people around you?  Think about this for a moment, as the greatest tool against depression is friendship.  True friendship can ease pain with a simple word, and dry tears by it’s mere presence.  Some might call that love, but if you think about it, aren’t they basically the same.  If you break it down to the mental and emotional barriers of who we are, they are indeed one and the same.  So, if you think a friend is under attack by this horrible force called depression, be there for them.  It may be the difference between life and death.

If you feel they need more help than you can offer, direct them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,



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