Do you like FREE?

Hey everyone,

Have you ever heard of Smashwords?  It’s a publishing platform that helps independent authors distribute their digital works.  As part of my expansion of my works, three of my available projects are released through them, making them open to purchase at Barnes and Noble and other great sites.  Well, I have good news.

Those of you that have been on the fence about getting some of my work, I have a present for you.  From July 1st to July 31st, only on Smashwords, and only eBooks, there will be something for FREE.

The promotion will be as follows:

Morning Warning, which is currently $0.99 and runs 4,500 words, will be FREE.



Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection, which is currently $2.99 and runs 20,000 words, will also be FREE.



Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos, which is currently $2.99 and runs 18,000 words, will be discounted to $1.50.



Click here to check out my Smashwords Profile and to get the eBooks

These eBooks are available in multiple formats, so any device can read them.  All I ask is that you leave an honest review after reading, both on Smashwords and on Amazon.  These sites increase exposure of a book as the number of reviews go up, so any help would be incredible.

Remember, the promotion runs from July 1st through the 31st.  Since July is my birthday, give me a present by taking a copy, reading and reviewing it for me.

Thank you and have a blessed day,


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