Here again Soldiers of the Lord

Rise again, Soldiers of the Lord.
For the war has changed some how.
The pen indeed, is mightier than the sword.
And words are the ultimate weapons now.

Faith has a new enemy within irrational fear.
Hysteria caused by a single misplaced word.
People now doubt what isn’t crystal clear.
Even then, the truth gets lost in what we’ve heard.

Opinion has replaced facts within the law,
and faith is overwhelmed by division and hate.
We pick apart each other through every single flaw.
Long before we even consider how we can relate.

Now come, Soldiers of the Lord, the fight grows desperate.
For ignorance and hate can attack without identity.
War has now reached the safety of Heaven’s gate.
Challenging everything faith could ever be.

Our sacrifices may indeed go in vain,
If we don’t rise together within all our strength.
No matter the religion, we all have much to gain.
Hand in hand, taking kindness to great length.

God Bless.

The internet is a great tool.  Sadly, that can be said for both good and evil.  Social Media has turned the war for our souls into a abyss of lies and rumors.  Facts are lost and deleted, replaced by whatever agenda people have within the world.  Trust is replaced with doubt, and community has be turned over into a mob.  Negativity flows freely without question while anything positive meets a barrier of critics.  Faith is no exception here.

I believe in God, and I’m a Christian.  Does this mean I have to hate a Muslim?  No.  Does this mean I should fear Muslims?  No.  The fact is, there are elements in every religion that want to abuse faith for hatred and personal agendas.  There are cults and factions, some very violent, that use the faith of others against them.  There are even people who use faith as a justification for their own personal hatred.  In the past, this was manifested through open direct conflict.  Now however, words have replaced swords as the tools of evil.

Life is difficult enough without irrational fears and ignorance pushing in on our lives.  We need to reinforce and bring back the meaning behind the word community.  Differences in each of us should never be our weaknesses, nor should they scare us.  In fact, our differences are what should make us stronger, when we work together.  So, don’t let the darkness in this world win.  Love thy neighbor, and do not judge others for what happens in their lives.  In the end, we aren’t meant to be the judges of others, only their peers.  Friends.  Family.  Community.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.



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