Standing on the edge

Every time I think I’ve won,
Thinking this task is finally done,
something happens to ruin my fun,
and I realize I’m on step one.

Every time I think it’s complete,
Thinking I can finally get a treat,
I seem to lose my seat,
and have to start over from the defeat.

Every time I think I can stand tall,
Thinking I’ve made it through it all,
Life yet again almost makes me fall,
It’s like standing on an edge so very small….

…and Life gives me a push!

This isn’t as bad as it sounds, depending on the type of push life gives you.  True, it could lead to a free fall in life that is terrifying to say the least.  It could however, be a push to a new beginning that you never thought possible.  The challenge is, figuring out which push is coming before the consequences hit you.  That’s where the quote above the poem comes in.

The reality is, you really are on a metaphorical tightrope, and life is throwing off the balance, even as you read this post.  You can’t avoid it, and you can’t run from it, so what do you do?  Ditch the pole and take chances in life.  Realize this however, as you take a leap into the unknown.  You should still have that rope tied to your back as an anchor.  This means although taking chances is a good thing, you also need to realize that you’ll have consequences.  It’s always good to secure a bit of insurance on life (Not the same as paid life insurance, remember we’re talking metaphor here), and have that safety wire in case you fall.  It doesn’t have to be much, but it should be enough to get back to where you started without too much stress.

So, what will happen if you decide not to take a chance?  Well, nothing.  You’ll still be hit with challenges by life, as it unbalances you.  That part is unavoidable, as it’s life.  The big thing is, you’ll miss out on what could be there for you.  You know, the big “what if” that usually terrifies people.  It isn’t always a negative, and it doesn’t have to be a source of stress.  Look at something in life, and say to yourself, I want to do that.  Is it above your pay grade?  The real question is, does that even matter?

Personally, I’ve always had the ability to make a penny work as a dollar.  To stretch a very limited budget to achieve goals the same as those who make two or even three times as much as me.  So, why haven’t I achieved so much more in life?  Simple, I aired on the side of caution, which led to a life full of reacting instead of acting.  Basically, I would wait until life unbalanced me, and then I’d right myself again, but never actually taking a step forward.  So there I stand, in the same metaphorical spot as I did years ago.  This has been a lesson learned in the worst ways.  Instead of being prosperous, I’m starting over from step one yet again.  This time, I’m dropping the pole.  This time, I’m following my own advice, and taking the chance I should’ve done ten years ago.  I will succeed, for as I like to say:

Now, I need your assistance, and yes, it will cost you.  The plus side is, you’ll enjoy what you get, and it’s not expensive at all.  Heck, I’d do this all for free, if I didn’t have three incredible kids depending on me.  Please check out my short story:


Morning Warning

It’s never too early to be on alert, especially when the weather is concerned, and for Anthony and his family, one morning could mean the difference between life and death.
Friday has always had special meaning during the spring for this 11 year old boy, his 14 year old sister Rachel, and their 17 year old brother Alex. It wasn’t just the last day of school for the week, but also counted as one week closer to summer vacation. However, after a night of heavy thunderstorms and several tornado warnings, this particular Friday has started off with droopy eyes and jingled nerves. With no watches or warnings, and little more than a drizzle outside, it seemed like a smooth day ahead. Fate, it seems, may just have other plans. As they say, it isn’t the weather you get warnings about that should worry you, but rather the weather that catches you by surprise. Will they survive the morning? Read on and find out in “Morning Warning”.

Click on the book cover to head to Amazon, or simply check any online book retailer.  eBook is only $0.99 and it’s also available as an Audio Book.  This is a short story in all aspects, so if you want a quick, yet powerful read, get a copy today.  Save an author, save the world, and please leave a review.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,



Site Updates

As part of my building push to be a top tier author, I’ve been developing a strategy for this website.  I’m sure you may have noticed a recent change in structure and added content.  To further this process, and to balance website content with my story writing, I will be following a set posting schedule starting next week.  The posting dates will be as follows:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
(Times will still vary, and these days will be subject to change)

Also, expect more changes to how the website looks, as I update it to be user friendly for all devices.  As of right now, it’s designed for computer setup, which does make mobile devices a bit cluttered.  I’m working on this issue.  Thanks again, and happy reading.

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