How to deal with a bully – Rant

There are plenty of bullies in this world.  There are more victims of those bullies.  The problem is, we’re taking the worst approach ever in how we deal with bullies.  Seriously, a child gets suspended for protecting another child from a bully.  Since that bully didn’t “Start” the fight, he/she gets away with it.  In what realm does this make any sense?  I understand that parents want to protect their kids.  That in no way should mean making them defenseless in a world that won’t hesitate to stomp down on them.

Here’s an idea.  Instead of making useless rules and laws that cannot be properly enforced, we should teach our kids honor and respect.  They need to know how to stand up for themselves and each other.  I’m not saying to train them to do serious harm, but bullying is only effective if the victim feels helpless.  Remove that helplessness through honor and respect, with an added bonus of building self-esteem, and bullies fade away.  Yes, they will never be gone forever, but at least those who would be victims aren’t alone, or helpless.

There’s simply no place in handicapping people by making them think they’re safer due to a few sentences on a piece of paper.  Especially teenagers, who don’t realize that anti-bullying laws only work after the crime is committed, and the damage already done.  Furthermore, those that think these rules will deter bullying drastically underestimate the fundamentals of hatred.  It defies reason, rules, logic, and all rational thought.  It’s a disease, planted in teaching, grown through pain and ignorance, and expressed in violence.  Laws and rules simply do not work.

You hear stories, such as the girl who committed suicide when a photo was shared that humiliated her.  Apparently, she was forced into the photo in the girls’ locker room by a bully, who posted them online.  Laws and rules didn’t help her, but her classmates could’ve.  If the lesson they’re taught is that they all deserve, and yet have to earn respect, they would’ve either ignored the post, or responded to the bully.    The event may never have had a chance to happen.  Another child shot up his school, a very evil thing to do.  There’s no excuse for this action, but there very well could’ve been a way to avoid it.  The child had mental issues, but the presence of bullying pushed those issues in such a direction, that violence was the only response.  There are two types of people in this world, when faced with a mental snap due to bullying.  They either become homicidal or suicidal.  Neither is an acceptable outcome.

The fact is, we’re putting a band-aid of a response to a broken leg of an issue.  We’re training victims while performing pointless slaps on the wrists of bullies.  We’re teaching these kids that to stand up for themselves or others is to be punished.  We’re teaching them that the only course of action is to run and tell someone in authority, only to find those authority figures absent when needed most.  Basically, we’re teaching cowards while life itself will create monsters.  We’re unbalancing things that need to be balanced, and scratching our heads at the resulting chaos.  This needs to stop.

Education is the single greatest weakness of the modern world.  Our governments fill our heads with useless knowledge while we grow dependent on them.  Instead of teaching us to survive on our own, they’re teaching us how to submit completely to them.  Our schools need shop, home economics, financial economics, crafts, and more arts.  Our kids need to be taught how to survive, and more importantly, how to give.  They need to end this cycle of greed.    Things need to change.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,



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