Save the author, save the world!!

Be at one with each word,
whether written or heard,
For stories can take you anywhere,
Characters in which you can hate or care,
and your imagination gets stirred.

The written word is subjected to incredible scrutiny.  Every single sentence we as authors bring to the page gets ridiculed, picked apart, and falls victim to redefinition.  In fact, almost everything ever written has been interpreted to mean something other than what the original author intended.  Nobody is immune to it, from the elites of Stephen King, to the newcomer just getting started.  This has led to many new authors becoming afraid to get the help they need to improve and succeed.

Want an editor, you have to take the chance and pay someone, hoping they won’t turn around and sell your work to better connections.  True, there are contracts, but if there’s one thing the modern court system has proven, is that the one with more money wins the case.  Oh sure, they can lose at first, but they’ll just appeal, and appeal.  As no money changes hands until the final appeal is decided, the one with deeper pockets will win out.

As an author, I’ve always been hesitant to openly show off my stuff.  It’s not that I don’t want to share my stories with everyone, but I don’t want someone to steal my stuff.  I’ve never wanted to become rich, but I’ve always wanted to do the thing I love and still support my family.  I find the only safe way to do this these days is to go in independently.  However, this choice has it’s own set of problems, as all of the financial and technical issues a book faces to make it to market, is now on my shoulders.  I, personally, have no issues with this, but I do need help.

This is where you come in.  The request isn’t a difficult one, and you’ll get something out of it.  Here’s the deal,  buy any one of my books already out for sale, read it, and leave a review.  You get a fun short story, or maybe info on Autism, or even some great collections of poetry.  Paperback, eBook, or even Audio-books are available.  Don’t forget to follow this website, and sign up via email.  Click on the right side of this page to join in.  Most importantly, Here’s the link to find all my stuff on Amazon (Note: it isn’t exclusive, so feel free to look on other sites if you’re opposed to Amazon) :

A.M.Sawyer’s Amazon Author Page, Click here


Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,

A.M. Sawyer

2 Comments on “Save the author, save the world!!

  1. Try submitting one of your stories to No, they won’t steal your stuff if they do not like it. They are what is called an independent publisher. They’ve been a great company for me. Tweeted while here.

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