The next great push – Being you

Am I the one who  chooses,
Am I the one who always loses?
Am I the one who sits and wait?
Am I the one who is always late?
Am I the one who pushes ahead?
Am I the one who is better off dead?
Am I the one who believes everything I’m told?
Am I the one who lives like I’ll never get old?
Am I the one still standing when it’s all said and done?
When it comes to my life, YES, because I am the one!

Listen up, as in life, you really only get one go at it.  Are you going to spend that one life on things that make you forget you’re even alive?  Are you going to spend every day wishing you could change yesterday while today speeds by in a haze of regret?  Are you going to spend every day planning for a tomorrow that disappears each time it becomes today?  It really seems simple if you think about these questions.  Life was never meant to be all stress and work, although they must play their part.  I know, many of you at this point will say something about Life not being the end, and so on.  Look, Whatever you believe happens after life, it’s just that!  It’s after life.

There is nothing that states you should waste this life in stress, fear, and labor, and at the same time, ignore everything that brings joy.  True, if you want a long life, there is some level of moderation needed.  This is true for all of life, as life is balance.  The problem of today, everybody extremes one way or the other, and still expects happiness.  In the end, you either get the brief rushes of excitement drenched in periods of misery, or we just stress so much about everything, we forget joy all together.  Neither sounds very fun.

Personally, I find the best way to enjoy life, is to be me.  Recognize what I find happiness in, and balance it into my life.  There will always be situations that through off the balance from time to time.  You simply correct that imbalance and move on.  I love to read, so I find time to read. I love to write, so I find time to write.  I love movies, so there’s time for that as well.  I really love my family, so I do many of these activities with them, and many others as well.  Yes, I still work a day job, but I do it for my family.  I do it for myself.  Why, because I am me.  I make my own choices, I don’t care what others think of me.  I am me.

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Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.



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