Who am I, if not an Author

I identify as me,
I set myself to be,
My mind is free,
Creativeness to see.

This is what I do,
The door I go through,
The inspiration rings true,
Here to reach you.

Odds I will defy,
Limits beyond the sky,
Better keep an eye,
For I am the reason why.

Now begins the show,
No better place to go,
So come enjoy the flow,
While I unleash all I know.

Reality tends to push us down at every turn.  Most of you reading this know all too well of what I’m speaking.  That being said, it really doesn’t matter.  It isn’t what life does to you that defines what you do in this world.  Instead, it’s all about how you choose to respond to everything that comes your way.  Will you let it push you down again and again, crushing all hope of standing tall?  Will you recover again and again, never actually taking a step forward?  Why would anyone consider either of those choices good enough?  We’ve all heard the excuses, probably even using them ourselves from time to time.  “It’s too much” or “I’m just having bad luck”, there are literally thousands of excuses for people to quit.  Honestly though, there will never actually be one reason.

Personally, as an author, I’ve heard every line you could think of about my writing.  I’ll never be published, or I’ll never find success.  Hell, I’ve been told I suck more than a few times.  Some people ask me if I stole it, every time something I write gets attention.  Literally, everything I could think of, has been said to me, or about me in the negative.  Have I thought about quitting?  Honestly, yes I have.  I’ve even taken several steps back, not writing for months, or even a year.  I realized though, I cannot be me without writing.  I’m only half the person I’m meant to be when I don’t share my words with the world.  I am an Author and a Poet.

Lately, I find myself in a unique position.  I actually have resources available to me, that can help me fill the gaps I’ve been missing up until now.  It will still take time, as all great writing does, but I know what to do and where to go.  It’ll take some luck, and some support, but I will see my name counted among the giants of literature.  At this time, I would like to invite you to join me on this journey.

The first step is simple, follow this website, like and share my posts, and leave comments/questions.  I welcome all feedback, even if you don’t agree.  All I ask, if you don’t like something I post, offer constructive criticism.  As I grow my following, I will be expanding my interactions, including offering free Autographed items and books.  I’m open to any suggestions, especially in what direction I should take in specific areas.  Is there a topic you’d like a poem about, send a request.  You’ll be acknowledged in the post and put in a special drawing I will hold at a later date (No time frame yet, and no official prize, although a gift card seems the likely outcome).  Who knows what the future holds, but I would like you all to be part of it.

Did you know I have a short story out on the digital market?

Morning Warning

It’s never too early to be on alert, especially when the weather is concerned, and for Anthony and his family, one morning could mean the difference between life and death.  Friday has always had special meaning during the spring for this 11 year old boy, his 14 year old sister Rachel, and their 17 year old brother Alex. It wasn’t just the last day of school for the week, but also counted as one week closer to summer vacation. However, after a night of heavy thunderstorms and several tornado warnings, this particular Friday has started off with droopy eyes and jingled nerves. With no watches or warnings, and little more than a drizzle outside, it seemed like a smooth day ahead. Fate, it seems, may just have other plans. As they say, it isn’t the weather you get warnings about that should worry you, but rather the weather that catches you by surprise. Will they survive the morning? Read on and find out in “Morning Warning”.

eBook is only $0.99 and AudioBook is only $6.99
Link is below to check it out on Amazon:

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Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day,

A.M. Sawyer

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