What’s the Rush – Please slow down!!

What a rush, life in the fast lane.
The reality is however, a life in pain.
You miss so much, so little to gain.
Memories so blurred, so very plain.

What was the point, why miss it all?
Just to keep pace, just to have a ball.
The harder you push, the worse the fall.
An empty heart is all that’s left to recall.

So take the time, see the beauty of life.
Sacrifice the hassle, save you from the strife.
Choose the moment, skip the rife.
You’ll find yourself in love with life.


Are you in love with life?  Although many of you might actually say yes, the reality is, if you examine the details of each day, the answer is a heavy “no”.  It’s okay though, as nothing is easier than becoming lost within the bombardment of negativity you face.  On the Television, Radio, or even face-to-face, you’re surrounded by the worst of every situation you can imagine.  Sadly, for some, even some situations you’d never wish to imagine.  I want you to read this next part slowly, and out loud.  “Everything will be okay, because I am incredible beyond compare.”

It’s true, whether you wish to believe it or not, you’re incredible.  Even if life isn’t what you hoped it would be at this point, you can change it.  It’s not impossible, because you’re incredible.  It’s not unreachable, because you’re incredible.  It’s not even unrealistic, because you’re incredible.  Yesterday, in my post, I spoke about doing what you’re meant to do in life. (See post here).  Now, you should know that you can succeed in that fated endeavor.  Many of you may be told the two words that should never be said  “You can’t” (Or “I can’t” if you truly are your worst enemy).  These words are poison, and nothing more.  They hold no meaning, except for what you allow them.  They should be removed from your vocabulary, period.

Personally, every time someone speaks of Autism, all I hear is what they can’t do.  I’m mildly Autistic, and all three of my children are Autistic.  I can tell you right now, it’s all crap.  My kids still struggle with the “I can’t” because, even with us removing those words from home, they still hear it every day.  They get told they can’t do this because of Autism, and they hear others be told of what they cannot do.  A fact of life is, if someone is treated as broken, they will soon act that way.  With Autism, and early diagnosis, this has become the problem.  My kids can do anything they put their minds to do, even my eldest whom is considered nonverbal.   He shows me with every door he breaks through, because others refuse to open them for him.  He shows me with every test he passes, despite them saying he would never catch on.  He can do anything he wants, and you can do it too.

Slow down in life, and fall in love with yourself all over again.  Be whom you were meant to become, and help others do the same.  Show the word community can have meaning once again.  Finally, recognize that you ARE incredible.  Say it again, and say it every single day.  “I am incredible beyond compare”.

Speaking of Autism, I have my own book that touches on the subject:

The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions

What is Autism? There are the socially accepted answers, and there’s reality. If you’re a parent or relative of an Autistic person, you’ve probably noticed that reality doesn’t seem to match what they tell you. This book takes research from various Autism programs and studies, and factors in real life. Each section outlines and researches a different misconception faced with Autism, including environmental factors, possible reasons for Autism, and the truth about intelligence concerning Autism. There’s also learning games and information that focus on the individual, not what they consider as an illness. We’ve been in the dark ages for far too long about Autism, and now it’s time to shine in the light of hope. What is Autism? Let’s begin the journey for truth together.

Paperback is only $9.99, eBook $2.99

Buy a copy at Amazon by clicking here.


Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day,



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