Virus Activated… The Fun of a PC with an infection

Did I hit enter, or manage to delete?
Even turning it on is a remarkable feat.
Why would such an easy task go in vain?
A virus has busted my motherboard again.
Was it an email or that open network I used?
leaving my hard drive fragmented and abused.
Did I pick up a bug while watching porn?
My fan is wheeze like an obnoxious horn.
Great, now my information is on the loose,
As the malware tightens that digital noose.
Blue, black, and even some shades of green.
This is all that remains of my Hi-def screen.
As my technology has become a paperweight.
All I can do is reboot and wait…..
Now Loading…..


Hey folks,

Welcome, and thanks for coming by on day one of my new push into the writing world.  Although this post, fitting in with the theme of the poem (Yes, I had a nasty computer virus, but I’m better now.), is short, and lacking more details and links to stuff.  That will change as I get my computer back up to par, and delve into the written word.  Thanks for reading and hang around.  This is only the beginning.



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