The Long Absence…. Did you miss me?

Time is both graceful and chaotic,
Testing mind, body and spirit.
You either bask in the life you pick,
or you eternally fear it.
My chosen profession plays on both,
Choices of life and work in divide.
Although there has been plenty of growth,
There are times I wish I could hide.
Challenges plague me to the core.
Yet opportunity has been staring me in the face.
Will I have the strength to find the next door?
Or will I burn out from this overwhelming pace?
I have come so far, yet I have only begun the work.
The future I dream drawing ever closer to light.
My personal turmoil is no longer there to lurk.
Time, it’s my turn to finally win this fight.

I’m Back!!!
6-1-2019 it all begins again, and this time I will win.
New campaign, new goals, new projects, and a brand new spirit I will spread throughout the world.

I will never stop, I will never give in, I will not be caged, I will always win.

“When you never give up, failure becomes nothing more than a stepping stone to success.”

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