Did you go see Captain Marvel?

On Sunday, I had the unique chance of having time and money to go see a film in the theater. Even better, I was lucky enough that the timing came perfectly so the film of choice was Captain Marvel. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I love to read, and as such, I indulged in many reviews about the film to see what all the hype was about. Now, I’m not a critic, because I’d rather enjoy a film for what it gives me, as opposed to dissecting it and exploiting any flaws it may contain. I’m not a negative enough of a person to be able to do that on a regular basis.

I will say, as with many films of late, I flat out object to the negative reviews of the film. It was fun, witty, smooth paced, and wildly entertaining. Many critics call it generic, which couldn’t be more incorrect. Let’s face it, other than Loki, Thanos, and even Warmonger, Villains in the MCU have been a bit weak. Even these great characters (And the acting done to make them) have had some stumbling moments (Even if they were small enough not to ruin anything). Captain Marvel goes a completely different route with this approach. True, As it takes place before many previous movies in the MCU timeline, those who pay attention could guess where much of it was going. It didn’t matter however, as whether you figured the villain out or not, it was awesome.

The story line was almost seamless, and the acting easily rivaled Black Panther. In no way was this movie generic. Oh, and to those on both sides of the feminism debate of having a strong female lead, I have two things for you. First, who the heck cares if the lead of a film is a woman. Seriously, if the acting is there, the talent, and the script, the lead of a movie will be epic, regardless of what reproductive organs they possess. Brie Larson is a perfect example. There is not one doubt that she IS Captain Marvel. Anyone still trying to debate has either, never seen the movie, or just wants to pick fights to hide their own pathetic lives.

Secondly, we as a society really need to stop seeking negativity in the world and simply enjoy the epic simplicity of life. Go out, watch a movie. Instead of looking for plot holes and inconsistencies,simply sit back and enjoy. Stay home with a good book. Stop looking for typos, and immerse yourself in the story. Got a movie based on a book, watch and read. Compare the differences in each of the different versions with enjoyment, not disgust. Even go further and write something yourself. Enjoy life, and enjoy living.


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