Slaves of the U.S.A.

Welcome to the greatest lie,
an illusion of freedom already lost.
A debt beyond the day you die,
life comes at an insurmountable cost.
You rent a home even when a deed is shown,
Don’t dare miss the amount you must pay.
The government charges you for what you own,
and they’re more than happy to take it all away.
If you want to have an RV or even drive a car,
You must pay year after year for that right.
Refuse to give in and you won’t get far,
a lawn ornament is the reward for your spite.
Feeling a bit sick and need some medical aid,
time to flush out the bank account once again.
Sure, you have insurance coverage in which you paid,
The added fees and copay are a battle you cannot win.
Can you refuse any of these or get around the fee?
Can you stand up and say you won’t pay?
Homeless or in jail is where you’ll ultimately be.
Courtesy of the freedom in the U.S. of A.


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