Trying not to break three wonderful hearts!

Help me keep from breaking three sweet little hearts

Above is the link to a Gofundme page.  Two weeks ago, My family had me working a full time day job, plus my writing.  My wife was working a part-time job, and things were going great.  We had invested several thousands of dollars into our first ever family vacation.  Almost everything on the Florida end is paid in full (Non-refundable), and we put in a bunch of money getting a vehicle ready to go from Michigan to Florida and back.  In one week, it’s turned into a nightmare.  My day job ended suddenly, and my wife was stricken with strep so severe, they might be forced to remove her tonsils.  Making things worse, the car we invested all that money into blew the head gasket.  We have three incredible children that we’ve been prepping for this trip for months (They all have different levels of Autism, so preparing them for a big change in routine is important), and if we back out this close to the trip (Scheduled to leave on the 24th of May), they will be heartbroken.  I know there are people in far worse situations than us, but I cannot give up without trying everything I can for my children.  Thank you and God Bless.  (Pics of my kids are on the page)

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