We the people – Rant

Hey folks,

Flint, Michigan has a dangerous amount of lead in the water. It’s been known for years, and there have been several cries to help. Yet, nothing significant has been accomplished, and the help has officially been cut off. We’re told that there’s nothing we can do. We’re told to offer our thoughts and prayers. We’re told to donate in support of aid for those affected by this tragedy. Dammit, why aren’t we being told how to fix it?

It’s because they don’t want us to know the truth. We the people. Three words that signifies the real power of this country. We the people. Three words that lead our government to push for separation of the population by race, religion, political affiliation, and income. We the people. Three words that can resolve so many of our country’s problems.

Our leaders have failed us. Our infrastructure is in shambles, our education system is weak and a failure, and our successful economy is a lie. Time to realize what we should’ve known all along. We the people, have the power to change all of this, and we don’t need approval to do it.

Did you know, if every working american donated $1. One time. We could completely fix the flint water problem, and have plenty to spare to help other communities suffering from the same issues. No thoughts and prayers crap, no useless donations to a charity that probably profiteers off your good will, and no feelings of helplessness. Seriously, if we stopped letting them teach us to hate, mistrust, and segregate from one another, we could solve many of our national problems. We need to stop being greedy. Why not do this? I want to do this, what say you?

What say you?

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