A call to the Flat Earth Theory – Rant

Hey Folks,

I find the internet is stuffed full of useful information, however, there’s also equal amounts of crap that holds no value.  The problem is, most people these days don’t bother attempting to separate the two for any given situation.  One such issue, which has me floored with how many people buy into it, is the Flat Earth Theory.
Now, I don’t like to rant about something unless I’ve read the entire situation through, from all perspectives.  That being said, I’m still at a loss with how people can believe in a Flat Earth, when simple observations and experiments from your own home (Well, if you can see the stars) can prove them wrong.
First, Whether cone-shaped, disk-shaped, or whatever they choose to call it, there has to be something going on with the rotation of the planet.  One theory I read was that the Sun and Moon go around the Earth (Wow, really?), and another suggests the Earth does rotate, like a cone on a point.  There are other theories, but any of them can be resolved by the experiments I’m going to list.
Hope you like the night, because the experiment requires view of the stars and a telescope (Doesn’t have to be expensive, but does have to work).  Unless you’re on the equator, you’ll be able to find one of the pole stars.  These stars seem to sit stationary throughout the night.  They’re not necessary to find, but do make observations easier to track over several nights.  The rest is simple observations.  Watch the stars move.  Want to be lazy, record the night sky on camera and play it fast forward over several nights.  The movements of the stars will change, not just through the sky, but in distance to each other. Planets will zoom through, and so will the moon.  These observations will clearly show that the Earth is rotating on an axis, with two separate and opposite points. These observations are important, because of the next experiment to run.
Okay, Earth’s rotation has been established, but what about the shape?  Well, I think we can all agree the Earth has Gravity.  What shape does a spinning body of matter take with pressure from Gravitational pull and rotational speed?  Grade school science experiments show that over time, any matter under those forces will become a sphere.  Don’t take my word for it, look up what to use to do the experiment yourself.
So, whether the planet is six thousand years or six billion years old, as long as there was gravity and rotation, it’s a sphere.  If it were a cone, the planet would’ve flung away from the sun a long time ago, and we’d all be dead.  If it were a disk, we would’ve spun out of control and broke apart from our own centrifugal force.  The only shape we can scientifically prove, through our own observations and experiments (Not just what we’re told) is that the Earth, like every other celestial body of relative size, is a sphere.
Don’t believe me, figure out the experiments and observations on your own.  Don’t take anyone’s word for it.  Science cannot lie to you.  Historically, even the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was a sphere.  How do you think they created the measurement system?  The curve of the planet was taken into account.  So, if 2,300 years ago, educated people knew the world was a sphere, why is it so hard for people with the world’s knowledge at their fingertips to come to the same conclusion?

4 Comments on “A call to the Flat Earth Theory – Rant

  1. You made some great points, but i would like to say before ranting on anything you might want to know what they really believe and why they do. It’s not that they’re stupid or anything. They are the ones actually doing research and finding out truths for themselves. Everyone goes into the flat earth feeling exactly like you do. It is ridiculous and primitive. But once you actually look into the rabbit hole, it’s impossible to come back out and not be changed by it. I would say to look into it for yourself. There are very logical and smart self thinking people who were just like you. But they wanted to know why there was this resurgence and we looked into it, and it is way more honest and has way more legitimate proof than the religion of scientism ever gave us in school. I agree before ranting about something it’s very important to know who and what you are talking about, those who don’t are susceptible to looking foolish. Please don’t take my comment as an attack, i believe you are very smart and have a voice. I just hope this may cause you to look into things instead of being told how and what to think. Believe what you want, But they will also be free to do the same.


    • Thanks for the comment. The problem with it is, everything I’ve said is scientific fact, done by experiments and observations on my own, but also backed by thousands of people with degrees in various fields of science. I would not post a rant unless I’ve looked into all the evidence with an open mind. No predetermined judgement. If you have evidence that you can do on your own, that has you scientifically convinced the Earth is flat, by all means, you have the freedom to believe so. For it to be policy however, and not just opinion, is a horrible idea. The largest problem with the modern era is the dominance of opinion over fact. Do the work yourself, and stop believing what others (Even me) tell you. The fact is, Science won’t lie to you, but people will


      • It’s definitely not about opinion for me. I have seen both arguments thoroughly and made a decision. There are legitimate professionals and experiments on the other side too. If it was just an opinion it wouldn’t be appealing enough. I don’t know what else to say but to ask you to please look into it for yourself. Everyone is against it. Everyone is judgemental of it without any information. So if it doesn’t impact your life in any other way than just annoy you, what’s the point in attacking it? If it doesn’t make sense to you that’s ok. No one is telling you what to believe. But in saying something is just an opinion and is actually thoroughly being researched and people still don’t have all the answers, but they do know that something is fishy about what we are taught. Things don’t add up. So in conclusion, i respect your decision, i know It seems like just a silly thing, but it is definitely worth looking into even with the attitude of debunking it. There is something intriguing there. Maybe the earth isn’t flat. Maybe it isn’t round. It’s worth doing both sides of the experiments. It’s worth trusting your experience and hearing the arguments for longer than a few minutes. If you could spend as much time on one side as you spent in the other, i would say it is quite alright to have made a decision. But i know for a fact that if you had even looked into the opposing view, you wouldn’t be so upset. These people are legitimately trying to back up everything they say, they are doing the experiments, and are constantly attacked from every side. And yet they do not stop. Nobody does things like that on the basis of a mere opinion. You are a wonderful writer and i can’t wait to see what more you write. The only reason i would take time out of my day to even write this comment is because i wanted you to give it another shot. This isn’t something i do, i just felt as if i needed to ask you to Just think about it.


  2. Every aspect of Flat Earth has levels of assumptions. I know this, because I read all their proof, and talked with their people. I’m not against anyone. I cannot stand assumptions, but sadly, assumptions are becoming commonplace. I’ve stated it already, that I do not do one of these unless I’ve done all that I can do, on either side. The conclusions are simple. Flat Earth has assuming flaws in all of their theories, filled with personal beliefs. Same errors made by creationists, when debating the theory of Evolution and age of the Earth. They leave far too many gaps in the evidence. They are however, quite smooth talkers. There are multiple tests you can do in your own yard or home that can show evidence to the shape of this planet. Mere visual proof doesn’t work unless you’re in space. The planet is simply too big, mathematically speaking, for us to see the full curve of the planet while still within the atmosphere. I can point out that I have in fact, traveled around the globe via plane. I’ve known others that have done the same. There are entire types of math that wouldn’t exist if the Earth were flat. Why would our planet be the only flat one in the solar system (Observed through a telescope. Easily seen.)? I could go on. I’m sorry, but for thousands of years, intelligent people knew the world was a sphere. Throughout history, there have been times when religion and other forces try to prove differently. Historical elements have proven Chinese were here hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago. Alaska barely avoids touching Russia, and Europe is a hop skip and a jump through Greenland and Iceland. You can reach one side to the other via both poles. There is simply nothing practical or scientifically sound about a flat Earth. This isn’t a belief. This is a solid fact. 100% verifiable.


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