Love, an endangered emotion

Love, such an endangered emotion, brings upon such a commotion.
Whether for good or for bad, regardless of being happy or sad.
These feelings rule over you, and have a huge impact on all that you do.
It’s fading like an artist whom cannot sing, as overvalued as a diamond ring.
Instead, you cling to physical attraction, even as time withdraws all satisfaction.
There is still hope for love to grow, and room in people’s hearts for it to show.
The test however, that must be overcome, mending pieces back where they came from.
Broken hearts and shattered dreams restored, and emptying memories in which we hoard.
Will give love the power to soar, and fill our hearts forevermore.
So forgive and move on from all the hate, and let love guide your fate.
For tomorrow is a brand new day, give love the strength, come what may.

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