You’re Free… 4/6/2018

You’re free to speak your mind,
You’re free to not agree,
You’re free to be mean or kind,
and you’re free to choose what to be.

You’re free to not like guns,
You’re free to love or hate,
You’re free to live like nuns,
and you’re free to go out and demonstrate.

You’re free to eat what you please,
You’re free to visit other great sites,
You’re free to pray on your knees,
and you’re free to protect your rights.

You’re free to disagree with someone’s choice,
You’re free to think they’re wrong,
You’re free to let others hear your voice,
and you’re free to choose where you belong.

You’re free to pick a political side,
and you’re free to join in on the fight,
but if you think you’re above the world, someone lied,
For everyone else has the very same right!

Grow up, focus on yourself, and mind your own,
Realize that there’s a better way.
For you do not dictate what paths others are shown.
After all, you’re free, but so are they!


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