You’re Welcome – A poem of Rights

You’re welcome to share what you think,
You’re welcome not to agree,
But don’t pour me that agenda you drink,
And dictate what rights don’t belong to me.

You’re welcome to let fear guide you along,
You’re welcome to let them tell you what to do,
But don’t bother telling me my beliefs are wrong,
and don’t think I’m not equals with you.

You’re welcome to think guns are bad,
You’re welcome to want to feel protected,
But don’t think I have to buy into this fad,
and don’t get mad when gun bans get rejected.

You’re welcome to an opinion on everything,
You’re welcome to choose to debate,
But my freedom is not some toy on a string,
and you do not control my fate.

So you’re welcome to think our rights must go,
and you’re welcome to believe they have your best interest at heart,
I’ll keep my life, liberty, and all the rights I know,
For if they take even one freedom, it will only be the start.

Knowledge is power and its our choice to whom we give it,
why give up that power to someone who doesn’t care for you one bit?

Think about it.


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